Merry Christmas – M&WN’s Top 10 Articles of 2015


Merry Christmas to you and your family from the crew at Maroon and White Nation!

It’s been another solid year on the blog featuring some interesting times to be a State fan. Despite being in the bottom of the SEC in basketball and baseball during the 2015 calendar year, M&WN still managed to be one of the top five college sites on the FanSided network. Thanks you y’all for continuing to support us and the Bulldogs through thick and thin.

Here are our top 10 articles of the year based on views:

10. Starkville Restaurant Challenge Quarterfinals: The Biscuit Shop vs. The Little Dooey by Andrew Norwood: 10,894 views

One of the most fun things we did this year was host a Starkville Restaurant Challenge during the month of May. It took all 31 days to find a winner in the 32-restaurant bracket, and The Biscuit Shop was crowned the winner.

This quarterfinal featured over 2,800 votes and was easily the match-up that gained the most traction with voters.

9. Mississippi State Lands Malik Newman by Wesley Wright: 11,089 views

Despite a dreadful season that had zero excitement, the following month for MSU basketball was very exciting as Ben Howland was hired and five-star guard Malik Newman signed with the Bulldogs.

This post was the announcement for Newman’s decision. So far this season Newman is the second leading scorer on the team with 13.1 per game. He’s coming off his highest scoring output on December 23rd with 20 vs. Northern Colorado.

8. ESPN’s Coverage of MSU vs. Auburn was Unfairly One-Sided by Josh Barnhill: 11,288 views

This was written after State’s 17-9 victory over the Tigers. It was about how the worldwide leader focused so much of the broadcast on Auburn rather than offering anywhere near equal time to both teams.

7. Dak Prescott Suspended Due to Illegal Jersey by The Croom Diaries: 11, 829 views

This was satire, and admittedly I’m sure it only got viewed that much because of the headline. I know most fans don’t care enough to jab Bracky Brett like I do.

Bent Bulldawg actually found this jersey at a Tupelo Wal-Mart and we ran with the idea. He bought it and later sold it to another fan who attended both Texas A&M and Mississippi State.

6. Dan Mullen Diagnosed with Personality Disorder by Josh Barnhill: 13,915 views

More satire here. This one was an April Fool’s joke. I thought it was one of my better ones if I do say so myself.

5. Dak Prescott Fight Rumers Reach an All-Time Low by Justin Strawn: 16,389 views

This wasn’t the fight you remember from Spring Break. This was actually two months prior in January.

More from Mississippi State Bulldogs News

There were rumors that Dak beat up a guy in a bar and Ole Miss fans ran with the story trying to paint Dak as a thug.

4. Dan Mullen Needs to Apologize to Mississippi State Fans by Justin Strawn: 16,541 views

This one was right after the Egg Bowl loss. It’s one of those were a lot of people saw the headline and drew their own conclusion on what it was about so they disagreed. There was a lot who read it, however, and for those that did I think it’s clear to see Justin was talking about Mullen’s passive attitude for a game he had previously had so much fire about.

3. Dan Mullen’s New Name for Ole Miss by Justin Strawn: 18,781 views

Northern Miss. Folks later said he called them Northern Miss at the Ladies’ Clinic in 2014. Maybe he should stick to The School Up North because he’s 0-2 the last two years.

It’s a shame we weren’t able to beat USM and UNM in the same year with two chances at doing it, and two of our better teams.

2. Arkansas Will Not Allow Jak into Razorback Stadium by Justin Strawn: 19,287 views

Sometimes we just post something we think State fans will find somewhat interesting and it blows up. This would be one of them. I’d never have guessed this posts would be passed around so much but it was.

1. Dak Prescott Attacked in Panama City by Josh Barnhill: 278,798 views

This is far and away our most viewed article ever – we don’t have another one with over 100,000. It’s because we were the first non-message board to report it.

Posting this was definitely a collaborative effort. Andrew Norwood gets the gold star for alerting me of the incident, and some of the other M&WN guys kept feeding information so we could get all the facts as they unfolded.

Merry Christmas!