Dak Prescott Suspended Due to Illegal Jersey


The Mississippi State University compliance department has decided to suspend quarterback Dak Prescott for a minimum of three SEC games in the midst of a jersey mix-up at a Tupelo Wal-Mart.

The jersey at the center of the fiasco is pictured above. It features his number 15 with the Mississippi State emblem on the front, Mississippi State logo on the right shoulder and Texas A&M emblem on the left shoulder.

While Prescott’s name was not used on the jersey, only “Bulldogs” was printed on the back, compliance director Bracky Brett felt swift action needed to be taken to ensure MSU would not be put on probation.

Once news of the jersey was released by our very own Bent Bulldawg, MSU social media extraordinaire Kyle Niblett went to work to find the bozos at Russell Athletic who were responsible for this disgrace of a jersey.

Naturally, Bracky Brett heard Niblett’s furious stomping and barking in the halls of the Bryan Building, so he intervened and here we have it: Dak is suspended.

Brett’s determination of the suspension length was based on Prescott not being allowed to play vs. Texas A&M.

Our source inside the athletic department says that Bracky had a similar situation when he was Starkville High School’s baseball coach. The starting Center Fielder’s mom sowed a hornet on his sleeve instead of a yellow jacket, thereby making him ineligible. While SHS won the game that day, Bracky was sure to go back and forfeit the game once he became aware of the infraction.

We asked M&WN legal counsel of their opinion on whether or not Prescott should be suspended due to the jersey in question. His response:


It’s still unclear what this has to do with Prescott. But it’s not the first time articles of clothing have created controversy around his name. Remember the Dak Dynasty shirts. 

At the time the athletic department found out those were not legit, Bracky Brett was scouring the MSU parking lot issuing tickets to student athletes who did not have up to date parking decals on their vehicles. So legal counsel immediately took care of the issue and by the time Brett got back to his office he was distracted with some doughnuts.

Bent Bulldog decided to purchase the jersey, and it can be purchased from him by getting Bracky Brett fired.

*This was satire. Why is Bracky Brett incompetent?

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