Quarterfinals: The Biscuit Shop versus The Little Dooey


Two of the highest vote receivers in the competition have made it to the Quarterfinals to face off against one another. These two Starkville restaurants have taken interest of Bulldog fans and Starkville residents for different reasons, but we won’t get into that. The Biscuit Shop is the relative rookie in the competition. They are going up against a seasoned veteran in The Little Dooey, which may provide a very tough and formidable opponent for the ever-popular Biscuit Lady.

The Biscuit Shop came into the Quarterfinals by way of two very high-voted rounds of play. Their first round matchup came by way of Starkville Cafe, which they beat 210-133. That brought them to the second round, which pitted them against the Central Station Grill. That round, which is one of the few rounds to include a 1,000 vote tally, was won by the Biscuit Shop by a margin of 653-450. Easily, one of the toughest battles we have seen in the Great Starkville Restaurant Challenge.

Here’s what we wrote about the Biscuit Shop, which has moved locations recently to downtown Starkville.

"The Biscuit ShopLess than a year old, the Biscuit Shop, or more affectionately known as the Biscuit Lady as the owner usually does everything herself, has become a go-to favorite for those looking for a quick breakfast fix. Her hand-made biscuits that range from the homey feel of buttermilk biscuits, to the extravagance of a glazed sprinkles biscuit, provide Starkville-area residents with a niche need in a hungry area.Each day has its different set of specialty biscuits that will be available for consumption, along with the daily menu that is provided on her website. She’s very sociable on her Instagram, and is actually moving locations after today. She is up well before the sun comes up making biscuits, and the shop closes down at 2:00 PM to reflect how early she has to get up. Everything is made from scratch, and she wouldn’t want it any other way."

Also, today the Biscuit Shop and Central Station Grill might be planning a few things in the future together, including maybe some Biscuit Shop biscuits being used for Brunch at the Grill.

The Little Dooey has been around for years, and has seen many dignitaries and sports personalities walk through the front doors of the building. If you ask anyone who has been to Starkville if they’ve been to The Little Dooey, 9 times out of 10 they will reply with yes. Dooey’s path to the Quarterfinals started with a first round trouncing of Rosey Baby by a tally of 167-28. Then in the second round meeting of the BBQ joints, Little Dooey defeated Petty’s BBQ by a score of 192-87. So needless to say, the Little Dooey has a good fanbase that will vote their way.

Here’s what we wrote about The Little Dooey during their first round matchup

"The Little Dooey is one of the most well known restaurants in Starkville thanks in large part to the love they received on ESPN from College football analysts Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstriet. The Little Dooey may be best known as a barbecue restaurant, but many people think their crawfish and catfish is the best thing they ever put in their mouth.If you think Little Dooey is only a barbecue joint, you’re highly mistaken. They do other selections just as well, if not better, than they do barbecue. There is a reason Little Dooey is legendary, and the food does not disappoint."

Currently, the Little Dooey is still one of the few places in town to get freshly cooked crawfish from, so be sure to stop by for sure.

These two will face off in today’s poll to decide who will head to the Semifinals of the Great Starkville Restaurant Challenge. So who do you think is better? The Biscuit Shop or The Little Dooey. You decide.