Dak Prescott Fight Rumors Hit All Time Low


90% of fans are wonderful people who love their team, and they want their team to succeed so long as it is done the right way. Those 90% are the types that you can carry on a conversation with about opposing teams without worrying about someone getting too carried away. The other 10% make the rest of those wonderful people look terrible. Ole Miss fans took a serious black eye from their 10% this weekend.

Jake Wimberly wrote a piece on Friday that summed up the Ole Miss fanbase and their attitudes toward Dak Prescott. Seeing Dak Prescott become a media darling and have attention and praise heaped upon him has been difficult for some Ole Miss fans according to Jake. When we published it, the tongue lashing we received from Ole Miss fans was loud and clear. The basic message was that Ole Miss isn’t worried about Dak Prescott and Jake was highly delusional for even entertaining that idea. Regardless, we all went about our way the rest of the day on Friday. What most of us didn’t realize at the time was this was starting to spread Friday night.

And if you didn’t know, @RFhater is an Ole Miss fan. I don’t know if he was the first to tweet something about it, but he was certainly one of the first to do so. Despite the amount of responses that we got about how off base Jake’s article was, the Ole Miss fans picked this up and ran with it.

It spread like wild fire among the Ole Miss fans. Despite the fact that this supposed fight happened on Thursday night, the only “evidence” to come from this alleged incident is this photo.

That’s it. No security tape footage. No eye witness testimony. Not even the guy in the picture reaching out to any of the multiple media outlets that cover Mississippi State trying to tell his story. Just this picture of a guy in an ER. A picture with no identifying marks that would indicate what ER he was in. And if Prescott did get into a fight, he doesn’t appear to show any signs of being in an altercation.

This may be the lowest that a fan base has sunk to in the hopes of disparaging a rival school or their player. With all the talk last year about Dak and Bo and who was better,  Bo Wallace did some things in 2014 that didn’t look very good from a PR standpoint. It started back on Spring Break when Denzel Nkemdiche was videoed confronting Mississippi State fans on the beach. Bo Wallace could be heard in the background making fun of the Mississippi State fans Denzel was confronting. He did a good job of presenting a cleaned up image throughout the year until their first loss against LSU. He was trash talking with fans in the stands. He left the game before time on the game clock had expired. Mississippi State fans loved to point these things out. So some Ole Miss fans have been waiting to pounce whenever Dak Prescott had a misstep publicly. It hasn’t happened. Instead of waiting for something that is likely never to come, someone decided to just make something up.

And I know the rebuttal. It’s a cover up. This is getting swept under the rug. The Starkville Police Department are on the take. If you don’t believe me, just look for yourself.

So why would Ole Miss fans do this? The obvious answer is what Jake said, but it isn’t a coincidence all of this started to appear shortly after prized Ole Miss commit Leo Lewis showed up to Starkville on an official visit with his mother. Who was assigned to host Lewis while he was in Starkville? That’d be Dak Prescott. It seems very unlikely all of this would surface at that exact moment to make the mother of Lewis believe her son was staying with a player who likes to beat other people up at bars.

Dak Prescott has a public persona of being a stand up player and person. There has never been any sign that Prescott would do something like this. What it does show is that the people who started it are desperate and scared. They don’t like the fact that Prescott gives the Bulldogs a chance to be special in 2015, so they want to do anything they can to discredit Prescott.

To the 90% of Ole Miss fans who may not have even been aware of this, call the other 10% out. Don’t allow it. And if you’re a Mississippi State fan thinking of doing something similar to get revenge, just don’t. We’re not desperate, and there is no reason to even try to do something like this.

The best part about this is that Prescott is going to have the last laugh out of all this. Someone tried to make Dak look foolish and the only people who are going to look foolish are the ones who tried to perpetuate the rumor.