Dak Prescott Attacked in Panama City


Mississippi State standout quarterback Dak Prescott is rumored to have been attacked at a concert in Panama City. It’s a pretty strong rumor considering there is a picture showing him with a bloody forehead.

Former M&WN writer and Elitedawgs front man Coach 34 reported the story on their message board. Here is his post:

"Dakota Prescott . . and another player got jumped in Panama City at a concert. Dakota got hit with a bottle in the head…other player hasn’t been named yet. They were at a Waka Flocka concert…no idea extent on injury at this point. Rumored, I repeat rumored to be Tenn fans that jumped them- but no idea at this point."

via Brooks Roberts (Bulldog Sports Radio)

Mississippi State is on spring break this week, so that’s why Dak and other players are at the beach. The above picture came from our friends at EliteDawgs as well. Picture to the right came Brooks Roberts of Bulldog Sports Radio.

UPDATE: 8:46 pm cst: Source (someone with a personal relationship with one of the players involved who communicated with us under condition of anonymity) says 2nd player is backup defensive end Torrey Dale, and there was a third player as well: backup QB Damian Williams. It was probably Southern Miss fans according to the players.

Apparently the “Redneck Rivera” is not the best place for SEC quarterbacks from Mississippi to go for spring break. Last year Bo Wallace left the beach after being taunted by opposing fans. This year Dak gets a beer bottle thrown at him, and it looks like he got punched in the face as well.

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UPDATE: 8:58 pm cst: sources confirm Dak was backed into a corner and surrounded, then jumped by a fairly large number of people. Reason is unknown.

Crazy stuff happens at college spring break. When you go to the beach this time of year, this type of thing doesn’t come as much of a surprise. That’s no excuse for foul play and inappropriate behavior, but it’s no surprise we’d receive news like this.

Hopefully Prescott is fine and won’t require any stitches from the laceration. Spring practice for Mississippi State starts next week.