Louisiana Governor Threatening to Cancel LSU’s Season

New Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards is threatening to cancel LSU’s 2016 football season if immediate tax increases are not passed. 

Gov. Edwards is proposing the largest tax increase in Louisiana history due to the state’s current deficit. During Bobby’s Jindal’s administration, he cut taxes a number of times which included state funding to universities. With high oil prices in 2008 when he took office he was able to do that, but as we know oil prices have plummeted and that’s a big part of Louisiana’s economy.

Now LSU students are looking at the date of April 30th in which the school may have to cease operations as they allegedly will run out of money.

 As you know, Mississippi State plays LSU every year….and almost always losses….except for 2014 and 1999 and 1991. So not playing LSU – in Baton Rouge – and tallying a win via forfeit would of course be a big coup for the 2016 MSU season. The Bulldogs play the Tigers in Week 3 (September 17th).

But, you don’t want to win that way. And you don’t want LSU’s student to have to stop their education mid-steam for something completely out of their control.

It’s an unfortunate situation for sure, but it’s probably not as bad as the governor is making it out to be. Elected officials can only cry wolf so many times before the public will simply yawn it off. The financial crisis comes to mind when we wasted billions and billions of dollars to save banks, I mean billionaire bankers from losing their yachts.

Good luck to LSU and our neighboring state of Louisiana and they seek to fix their issues. Look forward to another battle on the gridiron come September.