Brandon Bryant Clocks a 4.25 Forty – Ole Miss Fans Lose It


Per Michael Bonner of the Jackson Clarion Ledger, Mississippi State redshift freshman safety Brandon Bryant ran a 4.25 forty yard dash recently, giving him the fastest time on the Bulldog squad. Bryant, now 6-0 and 210 pounds after putting on a whopping 23 pounds after a red shirt year in Starkville could be another great find for the Bulldogs and some added help in the Mississippi State secondary.

Per Bonner –

"Beyond the headlines, none of the defensive backs are thicker than Bryant, who gained 23 pounds from last year and now weighs 210 pounds. None can top Bryant’s 4.25 in the 40, which is the best on the team.“Now a days you have backs like Leonard Fournette and Derrick Henry. It just gives you a boost,” Bryant said. “If you’re 6-foot, 210 and run a 4.25, that’s a lot of force going at a 230-pound back. It just helps me with a lot.”"

In Bryant doing so that did two things. One, that gives Bulldog fans hope there may be more depth in the secondary than first thought. Bryant is a red shirt and has had time to learn and develop so he could make a big impact this fall for Mississippi State.

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Another thing that happened by Bonner reporting this is bring out Ole Miss fan and cause them to lash out at Bonner, even claiming he was lying.

Nevermind that the Bulldogs, like most college football programs have a board where all records are kept for weight lifting, running and more – this had to be a fabricated story, I mean after all who in the world is Brandon Bryant anyway?

This is really par for the course in the state of Mississippi, especially when someone in a Bulldog uniform does something pretty darn spectacular on a football field. We all know how much heat Bulldog quarterback Dak Prescott has taken over the last year and a half from Ole Miss fans, or even Dan Mullen himself. Not to mention guys like De’Runnya Wilson and others, so it makes sense when a guy that was a three star prospect, not even on the recruiting radar, runs a 4.25 forty yard dash, the leamings come calling.

Here is just a snipit of what poor Mike Bonner has had to endure for even reporting such a claim today and you can see more by following him on Twitter @MikeBBonner

It will be fun to watch Bryant’s development over the next few years and believe me, if Bryant becomes a safety that is great in pass coverage and filling the hole as a run stopper, there will be gnashing of teeth again by the Red and Blue. It’s just par for the course in this ole Egg Bowl Rivalry.

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