How to Handle Your Significant Other During Football Season


This week in the early week edition of DC on BSR I am joined by Kevin Paul who runs the website as we educate you on the different types of significant others that are out there and how you need to handle each situation. Learn what the JAG, the Expert in Law, The Inopportunist and more is.  The website says the wife hates sports, but we discuss how this works both ways on the program. Some of the exerts off the site are as follows and why your wife and or lady friend may just hate sports.

"The Time Warp Effect: 2 minutes really means 2 HOURS. Don’t say, “There’s only 30 seconds left on the clock, I’ll be right there, honey” – AS IF."

"The ridiculous salaries – Our children’s educators earn fractions of pennies compared to the outrageous sums of money thrown at professional sports players – do they really deserve it?  Please do consider that some also seem to have the IQ of a grapefruit.  Insert any random interview of a football player at a press conference after the game."

Today we revisit the Amway preseason top 25 and discuss some flaws with the poll and why 12 teams may be in trouble before the season ever starts.

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Dave Bartoo with the College Football Matrix did two amazing pieces you can read about here, discussing best starting field position for offense and defense in 2014. These are great pieces we talk about as we show you just where the Bulldogs and their SEC bretheren normally started an offensive drive, ended one and how they did defensively as far as starting and ending field position.

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