Round 2: Petty’s vs. The Little Dooey


It’s the age old question for BBQ lovers in Starkville. Do you prefer The Little Dooey or Petty’s?

The Dooey blasted Rosey Baby in the first round, and Petty’s smoked Two Brothers (bad pun). So here we are in a heavyweight second round matchup in the Starkville Restaurant Challenge to determine not only who has the best food, but who moved on to the quarterfinals.

The Little Dooey gets all the attention. Fame, glory – celebrities on the wall and mentions from ESPN when they’re in town for a game. Petty’s is a side-of-the-road joint on Highway 12 – a better location you might say, but almost no fanfare. Is it the lack of indoor seating or simply just not as good?

The Little Dooey has made many lists ranking the top BBQ joints across the southeast. Still, many who’ve lived in Starkville swear that Petty’s is better. And despite such an over-bearing presence, Petty’s is still around and has been for a good long while. Many defenders of Petty’s refuse to eat at the Dooey.

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While Petty’s is known more for their BBQ, they do offer catfish and other items like the Dooey is famous for. So it’s a tough call, but it’s undoubtedly going to be a contentious one.

We’ve all eaten at both of these long time Starkville establishments. They are both really good. It can be a battle to determine which place to go among a group of people because opinions are so strong, but this vote is up to you. Where would you rather go between The Little Dooey and Petty’s?