Social Media And Responsibility


I have done a number of posts regarding both the positives and negatives that social media has brought to our world. Many of the times that I have dedicated space on our blog to these types of topics, I have always referenced the Egg Bowl rivalry and how fans interact in regards to the rivalry.

In light of some recent events, I think it is only fair that we spend time looking at how short sighted and idiotic people can be when it comes to social media. There are some really dumb things on various forums right now, and all of them are going to have real life consequences.

A few weeks ago, former major league pitcher Curt Schilling got the pleasure to congratulate his daughter receiving a scholarship to play softball on Twitter. Some of the people who responded were disgusting. Instead of just ignoring it, Curt Schilling wrote about it on his blog. The responses that he shared there were appalling and at least one person has lost their job, and another was suspended from the school they attended. Rightfully so.

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Just a few days ago, the Oklahoma SAE chapter was closed down because of their racist remarks that were recorded by one of their members and posted to YouTube. Despite how ignorant and stupid it was to say such things in the first place, how someone thought it would be a good idea to upload this to the Internet was taking the stupidity to a whole new level.

And to bring it back to Mississippi State, after the assault on Dak Prescott, Damian Williams, and Torrey Dale in Panama City Beach, the group of people that jumped them decided to brag about it on Twitter. Jumping a high profile athlete is never a good idea, but to actually brag about it and admit to committing a crime on Twitter is just a level of stupidity I don’t understand.

I love social media and what it allows us to do. But so many people seem to lose sight of the fact putting things on there can have real consequences. The one good thing about all of these idiotic decisions is it reminds us what the world is like. We sometimes forget that there are hateful people who will say and act in ways that are absolutely reprehensible to most normal people. This just reminds us that we still have a long way to go as a planet and in the human race in general.