Message Board Post of the Week: Egg Bowl Week


Jan 5, 2013; Birmingham, AL, USA; Mississippi Rebels fans cheer and hold up signs during the second half of the BBVA Compass Bowl against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Legion Field. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Message Boards are a great place to go and discuss all things related to sports in general, whether it’s college, pro, or something else altogether. The one thing about them though is that it can become apparent at times some fans are completely consumed in their fandom and don’t pay too much attention to reality. We are all guilty of that at some point. So now we have the Message Board Post of the Week. Each week, I will go through some of the more popular message boards and find some good ones. Understand that good can mean a lot of things. It could mean insightful. It could mean it’s so bad it’s funny. It could mean that it is based on so many false perceptions that you can’t help but sit there and stare at your screen with your jaw dropped. These will all come from the public pages of the message boards, so I won’t be breaking any perceived privacy that someone might think they have.

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Mississippi State fans have a hard time figuring out Hugh Freeze. He is supposed to be a dynamic recruiter and motivator, but whenever he speaks he comes across as kind of boring and bland. It looks like Rebel fans can’t understand him any more either based off of this post on NAFOOM. Bodhisattva started the thread with this. He included a link to Freeze’s press conference.

"Can someone translate Freeze’s comments for me?“This is not a test we like,” Freeze said. “It’s not something we’re excited about. But we have to respond, or we’ll be in for a whipping against a good football team.”Is he referencing the Egg Bowl as a test we don’t like and aren’t excited about?  Or is he referencing responding to adversity in general as a test we don’t like and aren’t excited about?  Or is he referencing something else completely, and I’m totally misreading it?Link to full CL article"

It’s a great question, because I certainly don’t know what it means. That doesn’t sound like a way to get guys motivated for what is sure to be a hard fought game on Saturday. Let’s see what Johnboy thought.

"I can’t translate what Freeze is sayingbut I do like Shackleford and Wommack’s statements. I almost wish Freeze wasn’t above naming names of the players who weren’t taking Arkansas seriously, I’m curious about that."

So Johnboy doesn’t know either. Rebelrecruiter doesn’t offer any opinions on what Freeze had to say, but he certainly didn’t like what Evan Engram had to say.

"Sounds like we have some Bradley Sowells on the Team“I don’t think it’s playing without an edge, but playing under a lot of pressure and sometimes we crack,” tight end Evan Engram said about the affect of multiple player injures and close games to LSU and Auburn."

Carolinareb tried to offer some clarification for everyone.

"I think he is saying we don’t like to have to go through these bad things (LSU, AUB, ARK losses) and face adversity, but we gotta man upor it’s gonna be embarrassing Saturday."

ConceivedatOpals provides a response that wasn’t real popular.

"He’s telling us the team has quitUp until a few weeks ago, I’d never seen a team more all-in than this team. Now they have just given up."

TBagger wasn’t real happy with that response, so he chimed in.

"Do you actually watch the games, or just look at scores and post stupid shit on message boards?I don’t have the words for this level of stupidity.I thought you were going deer hunting anyway?"

Tom Reagan agreed with ConceivedatOpals.

"One could ask you the exact same questiondid you actually watch the game Saturday? I did, and saw not only a team that had given up, but a coaching staff unable to do anything about it.You’re right about one thing though…there is some next-level stupidity on this board. And denial"

Maybe the Ole Miss players haven’t given up. But their fans don’t seem so convinced, and based off of some of the quotes, Freeze himself might have given up as well.