A Look Inside Miss. State Football Practice and Camp


We are now to the time of year where everyone is tired of talking about football and just wants to see football. People are getting their season tickets in, planning their tailgates, or mapping out which games to go see; while others enjoy the friendly confines of the house and are getting new TV’s, penciling in games they want to see on Saturday and more.

Over on Pintrest, people are sharing tailgating recipes and game day clothing ideas and more. On Facebook group pages or message boards people sit in air conditioned rooms telling people just how good their team is and how bad someone else’s is.

But – for the football player, the guys that actually go make it happen, they live a very different life than you or I. They lift, they run, they eat right, study and get little sleep. Granted there are perks to being an SEC football player, but when you are called upon to be just that, it can be rough. If you’ve never put a helmet and shoulder pads on, in 100 degree heat, you truly have no idea what these young men go through and if you’ve never been singled out in practice to “man up” and perform, you cannot ever understand what these guys go through or the pressure they are under.

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Below is a video courtesy of HailState.com that goes inside training camp for the Bulldogs and shows you recently what these young men are going through as camp is now officially underway. Watch it, meditate on it and appreciate what these guys do to get ready to entertain you on a Thursday or Saturday afternoon.

Also enjoy a very funny, creative and skilled video also per Hailstate.com showing just how talented a long snapper is.

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