The Wednesday Wrap: Maybe Mississippi State Football Coach Zach Arnett shouldn’t do it his way

It’s Wednesday, so we wrap up the week that was, a Mississippi State football team losing terribly to LSU and start to look ahead to a trip to Columbia, SC.

This past Saturday’s Mississippi State football game against the LSU Tigers was hard to watch. It looked like the team had taken more than a few steps back in the blowout loss. But as hard as it was to watch, it wasn’t the most shocking thing I saw or heard during the game.

What I’ve been wondering…

So you might be wondering what it is that is the most shocking thing I saw or heard from the Mississippi State football game on Saturday. The most shocking thing came from ESPN color commentator Jesse Palmer and play-by-play announcer Joe Tessitore. They said you have to give Zach Arnett credit because he was doing things his way.

The Mississippi State football team was giving one of the most inept performances we have seen in years, but Palmer and Tessitore think Arnett deserves credit because he is doing it his way. Simply doing things your own way isn’t something to proud of. Succeeding is the thing to be proud of, not doing it your own way and failing miserably along the way.

To drive this point home, here are some instances of people doing it their way but failing miserably. I wonder if Jesse Palmer and Joe Tessitore would give these people credit the way they did Mississippi State football coach Zach Arnett.

  • The Titanic

The people who made the Titanic decided to do things their way and not put enough lifeboats on the ship because they thought it was unsinkable. Spoiler alert, the Titanic did sink and over 1,500 people died in the tragedy.

  • The Ford Pinto

The CEO of Ford in 1970 wanted an inexpensive, compact car to sell to the masses. What Ford produced was the Ford pinto. It cost about $2,000. It had no bumper to help mitigate collision damage, and worse yet, the gas tank located at the rear of the vehicle, had no additional protection for it. The car had a tendency to burst into flames when struck from the rear. The faulty design was linked to 27 deaths. But hey, Ford did it their way, just like Mississippi State football coach Zach Arnett.

  • The Hubble Telescope

In 1990, NASA wanted to put a super telescope into space to see distances far, far away. The guys at NASA decided to build the Hubble Telescope. It cost $1.5 billion and launched it into outer space. When they got the first images back, you could barely tell what was pictured because the images were so blurry. But let’s give them credit for doing it their way.

  • Blockbuster passes on buying Netflix

Everyone remembers Blockbuster, right? Who didn’t enjoy going to Blockbuster on Friday afternoons and renting two or three movies to watch through the weekend. It was one of my favorite things as a kid and college student. In 2000, Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million. They passed. Today, Netflix’s net worth is over $150 billion and Blockbuster has just one store left located in Bend, OR. Is doing it your own way like Blockbuster did something Mississippi State football coach Zach Arnett should be trying to emulate?

So yes, Jesse Palmer and Joe Tessitore, Mississippi State football coach Zach Arnett is doing it his way. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Bulldog fan that wants to give him credit for that though.

What I’ve been watching…

Ryan Nelson and I hit the mics again this past week with a few more episodes of The Main Attraction Podcast. Up first is a show that I’m really enjoying, and that show is Ahsoka. Episode 5 was one of the most beautiful episodes of television I have ever seen, and it looks like we are finally going to get to see the much hyped Grand Admiral Thrawn. You can listen to us talk about it here.

On Monday, we dove into our Patreon archives, you can join our Patreon by clicking here, to talk about TV villains. Ryan and I both gave out Top 10 TV villains and you can listen to us talk about those right over here.

What I’ve been whistling to…

My son has become a big time Journey fan due in large part to me taking him to Mississippi State football games during the Dan Mullen era. I got the chance to take him to his first concert this past April, and he had a blast.

Now, I am nowhere near the Journey fan that he is, but I do like their music. They have some absolute classics. I’m not going to give you the one we all know that Dan Mullen insisted on playing before the 4th quarter, but I do want to give you another one of my faves.

“Wheel in the Sky” was originally about the death of one of the band members, but it was retooled to be about the grind of a bad on the road. Regardless of what it is about, it’s a good one.

We’ll be back next week with hopefully less of Zach Arnett doing it his way. And if he does, we might have to write another version of this same article on The Wednesday Wrap.