Prescott – Miss. State Making Historic Run on SI and ESPN Magazine


Last summer I told you about how Dak Prescott was carrying the world on his shoulders heading into the 2014 college football season. In that piece I stated that,

"For Prescott, the bar has now been set high, so high that we have not seen buzz around a quarterback in this state since arguably, Archie Manning."

I was obviously ridiculed and made fun of, but Prescott validated those claims in that article by a miraculous 2014 season that saw he and the Mississippi State Bulldogs win 10 games and become the fourth best ever offense in SEC history.

Since that time, we have seen Prescott and his Bulldogs all over the media. From the Bulldogs being picked last in the SEC West, to Dak Prescott being picked as the SEC player of the year in the preseason and more. The national media has covered the gauntlet as far as the Maroon and White are concerned.

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And now Dak Prescott has been chosen to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated – again. The wonderboy for the Bulldogs is again front and center in the National media and for Mississippi State, that is a beautiful thing.

Assistant Athletic Director and Media Relations guru for Mississippi State, Bill Martin had some interesting tweets early about the Bulldogs and Prescott and how “record-setting” this media frenzy is for the Dawgs.

Close to a year now, no other SEC football program has gotten more pub than the Bulldogs, and when talking about Prescott, to be named in there with Lebron, Steph Curry, Marcus Mariota and others is a feat of its own.

I told you last year how important and transcendent Dak Prescott was not only to Mississippi State, but to the State of Mississippi. You are seeing those predictions come to fruition and I urge you to soak it in – he has barely just begun.

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