Top 10 M&WN Posts of 2014


Merry Christmas to you and your family from Maroon and White Nation!

It’s Christmas Day, so if you’re stopping by on this day without any sports activity, why not present our top 10 most read posts of the year. It’s been a remarkable year on the site as we have doubled our staff and our traffic.  So thanks for reading!

10. Orlando Sentinel Writer Suggests Mississippi Schools Should be Kicked out of the SEC by Andrew Norwood – 21,150 views

Back in June, Mike Bianchi caused quite a stir when he suggested Central Florida and South Florida should be in the SEC in lieu of MSU and Ole Miss. There was plenty of backlash then, as again during football season when both excelled on the gridiron and are currently top ten teams.

9. Show Your Support for Dillon Day by Bent Bulldawg – 23,240 views

The bye week after the LSU week will always be “Dillon Day week”. With no game to discuss the media and fans of the SEC went crazy on Dillon Day because of him “stomping” incident that landed a one-game suspension. MSU fans were mixed, but as a gesture of solidarity Bent suggested fans wear tattoo sleeves to support Day.

8. There’s Mississippi State Heartbreak, Then There’s Alabama by Jake Wimberly – 31,127 views

This article leading up to the Alabama game really captured the feeling of most State fans regarding the series.

7. Auburn Fan “Steals all of Starkville’s Cowbells” by The Croom Diaries – 37,374

I wrote this one, and it is satire of course…a play on the Harvey Updike incident.

6. Top 10 Reasons Mississippi State Loves Ole Miss by Justin Strawn – 38,482 views

More satire here. #6 about never losing a party is probably my favorite paragraph we’ve published all year.

5. Never Congratulate Ole Miss on Winning the Egg Bowl – Ever by Jake Wimberly – 53,801

When you write something that people feel strongly about and agree with, it blows up. Earlier this month that’s what happened with this post.

4. Why You Shouldn’t Cheer for Ole Miss in the College World Series by Andrew Norwood – 57,420 views

This post was an eye-opener as I never knew we could potentially have the reach this one did. As the year wore on more posts reached this threshold, but at the time it was pretty incredible to see the response.

3. You Hated Starkville’s Gameday? Sorry, not Sorry by Justin Strawn – 59,673

This was one of the more unusual posts we’ve had that went ‘viral’. Justin wrote it not thinking much about it, then in the melee that was the aftermath of the Auburn game, we looked up and boom it had 50K views.

2. Clarion-Ledger a New Low with Dak Prescott Story by The Croom Diaries – 62,653 views

This one was really weird. I wrote it in July and it received approximately 30,000 views at that time. Then, for some strange reason it picked up steam in October and got another 30,000 views. It was pretty baffling.

1. What’s the Deal with LSU and Corn Dogs Anyway by The Croom Diaries – 73,525 views

It’s sort of depressing this is #1 but it is what it is. Back in July we previewed every SEC team. The idea was to give a straight-up preview, do a Q&A with a blogger who covers that school and then a third post about them that’s somewhat interesting. So this was my LSU ‘interesting’ post. It did moderately well with 2,000 views at that time. Then Katy Perry brought out a plate full of corn dogs at Oxford’s College Gameday and America searched Google – that day it received nearly 40,000 views. Every subsequent day for the next two weeks it had over 1,000.

So there it is – our top 10 for 2014. In all, we’ve had over 2.4 million page views on Maroon and White Nation. That probably doesn’t mean all that much to you, but suffice it to say it’s the best year of any FanSided college blog. So thanks to all of y’all for reading!