Top 10 Reasons Mississippi State Loves Ole Miss


October 13, 2012; Oxford, MS, USA; Mississippi Rebels fans in the Grove before the game against the Auburn Tigers at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t know, Ole Hotty Toddy – our big brother I guess you could say (because despite M&WN being much bigger and having more readers they are the flagship blog for Mississippi sports on the FanSided network) published an article yesterday that gave 101 reasons why they hate Mississippi State. We received some requests to come up with our own list of reasons why we hate Ole Miss. We even had one reader email me a list of 102 reasons why he hated Ole Miss. It was pretty good.

But Croom Diaries and I discussed it, and we believe there is just too much hate in the world already. We have no desire to spread animosity to our in state brethren…especially in this time of summer peace and tranquility. Instead, we here at Maroon and White Nation want to extend an olive branch to the fans of Ole Miss. In doing so, we offer up these 10 reasons why we love Ole Miss (in no particular order).

1. Faith Based Recruiting

Let’s face it, Ole Miss is better at recruiting than we are. But Hugh Freeze has publicly given us his secret! We should take it now – amidst all the under the table deals, rules that are constantly bent, and who knows what else let’s do it all in the name of the Lord. Being able to hook that big fish is so important… even if we have to lie, deceive and be totally hypocritical it will all be looked over so long as we are reciting Bible verses.

2. Showing us how to be thought of highly without accomplishing anything

Have you heard that Ole Miss landed a great recruiting class in 2013? Did you hear about how great of a story it was? Did you know that because of that recruiting class, and the fact that Ole Miss had such an impressive 7-5 season last year, they are going to be Dark Horse National Title Contenders? 15-11 in the last two years – it’s the same record as MSU but they do it with flash so they get respect. They have a lot of people telling us how good they will be. It’s important to be highly thought of because no matter what happens on the field this is what people will ultimately remember.

3. The only thing more important in sports than college football is tailgating at college football

If you can’t be Alabama or LSU on the field, be Alabama and LSU at the tailgate. Their idea of the Grove was so amazing we copied them with the Junction. Sure, we aren’t sophisticated enough to have chandeliers and fine china so we make do with our boots and paper plates, but we try to have fun nonetheless. Of course, we’ll never be as good as them in this arena because they are the masters. Maybe one day our fans will leave in mass at halftime to go back to the Junction, but for now all we have is football to entertain us.

4. College football games are fashion shows

College football season always starts on Labor Day weekend. I used to think it was okay to wear a pair of khaki shorts and a Mississippi State T-shirt to a home game during this time. After all, it is Mississippi and it is one of the hottest times of the year. Little did I know that I needed to wear a dress shirt and tie to a football game in the sweltering heat. After all, who doesn’t want to look like they are about to go to a job interview after they leave the stadium….on a Saturday. I now know that I can’t truly enjoy a football game unless I am dressed in my best suit. The most important thing is looking good for the 60,000 people in the stadium I don’t know. I will try to do better next time.

5. Ole Miss should not be our real rival

I’m glad we got this straight. I haven’t checked to see who we played the most intense games with in the 1950s and 60s, but whoever that is – they are truly our rival.  I know we have often thought of Ole Miss as our rival. After all, the Golden Egg was created to help soothe some of the hostility in the early meetings of our two schools. But that is simply not the case. It’s just brothers fighting and unlike most every other state in America, the in-state “rivalry” is just a game played at the end of the year but is NOT the real rivalry for either team. We’ll wait for grandpa to tell us who our rival is.

6. Never lose a party

This truly has to be one of the most impressive streaks in sports. Ole Miss has never lost a party. In the nearly 170 year history of the school, every party thrown at Ole Miss has been won by Ole Miss. I’ll be honest, I get a little nervous every time they have a party because they just keep putting that winning streak on the line. It’s always a relief to hear from my Ole Miss friends through social media that the winning streak is still alive though. There have been some close calls recently. There was that one time a pledge brought party bottles and not kegs to the party. That was a close call. There was also that party where the Nkemdiche brothers knocked a guy out. Not sure how Ole Miss pulled off the W in that one but they did – just ask the red and blue spin doctors. And did you know you can drink every night of the week and still not be an alcoholic?

7. Flipping the recruit shows just how awesome you are

Merry Flipmas everyone! I had no idea how important flipping a recruit was. Now that Hugh Freeze is at Ole Miss, I am fully aware of the dire need to flip recruits to your team. I don’t know that we’ll ever be as good as Ole Miss at this. Probably because Freeze is the best recruiter the world has ever seen. His technique of direct messaging recruits on twitter to tell them to give him shout-outs is flawless. His ability to convince recruits they should commit to another school to make him look super awesome is….I’m speechless. Honestly I just don’t think we could manipulate kids this well.

8. Agriculture is for Second Class citizens

I am a dumb redneck. The only reason I know this is because I am told by Ole Miss fans that I have to be a dumb redneck because I graduated from Mississippi State. No, I’m not illiterate. No, I don’t own a tractor. No, I have never lived in a single or double wide trailer. Yes, I do use indoor plumbing. Despite the fact that the only redneck stereotype that I subscribe to is that I drive a truck, I must be a dumb redneck because I graduated from a school with a top notch Agriculture program. And we all know that agricultural work isn’t nearly as noble of a profession as a lawyer….which requires a graduate degree from their law school which many MSU graduates attend (don’t know how they get in, must be a glitch). I hate to break it to all the millionaire farmers who hold maroon and white degrees – you’re an idiot.

9. You can name it and claim it

Ole Miss has won three national championships. Mississippi State fans used to be so silly and ask Ole Miss fans for the AP or Coaches’ Poll that had Ole Miss as the national champion. Instead of a poll, we were always told to look at the banners in the stadium. True, most people use the AP and Coaches’ Poll to determine who the national champion was in football, but who needs those when you can throw up a banner in your stadium? Banners don’t lie people. Neither do coffee mugs. I’ve got one on my desk at school that says World’s Greatest Dad so it must be true. We need to be hanging banners for 1936, 1940, and 1941 to equal their three. Any graphic designers out there? We could make as many banners as we’d like so get to working.

10. The only players or coaches allowed to be arrogant are Ole Miss players and coaches

Dan Mullen is a self righteous, arrogant jerk. He dares to say things like Mississippi State’s goal is to compete for an SEC West title. What a moron! And he insults the good people of Ole Miss by calling them “The School Up North”! How dare he! How can anyone at Mississippi State actually support and like such a cocky piece of filth? Sure, Marshall Henderson is brash, arrogant, and runs his mouth off at players, fans, and coaches of the opposing team, but there isn’t anything wrong with that. He plays for Ole Miss. Since everything about Ole Miss is better than anything and everyone, it is only natural for Henderson to adopt this attitude. Silly me for thinking that Ole Miss had been hypocritical.

So there you have it folks. Yes, I know it is hard for Mississippi State fans to find reasons to love the school that is not our rival, but we have given you ten good places to start. Maybe you can think of some more, and please let us know if you do. Let the love flow through you.