Show Your Support for Dillon Day


We all know what happened. Dillon Day ended up stepping on a couple of players from LSU during the game last Saturday. Opinions vary as to his intent. I, for one, choose to believe this was inadvertent. Whatever your opinion may be, fine. What I do believe all of Maroon and White Nation can agree on, though, is this: Dillon got the shaft with this suspension.

The SEC, in my opinion, set a very dangerous precedent with this decision. They have opened up a Pandora’s Box here with the introduction of the Monday Morning review and suspension. I may be mistaken, but I believe this is the first time ever that a player has been suspended for actions during a game three days later for something that the officials in the game didn’t even believe warranted a flag.

Now, however, that Mister Mike Slive has done this, what sort of can of worms does this open? How many more Monday morning suspensions are we going to see handed out? I’ve seen a lot of similar ideas expressed on facebook and twitter. I saw one comment that suggested that Slive could save a whole lot of money by not having referees official the games. He could simply review all the tape on Monday morning and impose penalties as he saw fit. The SEC’s official statement was that “this action is the result of multiple flagrant and unsportsmanlike acts during the game…” Yet only one flag was thrown — for a shove after the whistle. What are we doing about these refs? Are they being held accountable? Fined? Fired? There apparently were “multiple flagrant” violations that they just missed. Seriously, we need to get rid of officials who cannot do a better job than that. Someone could be hurt!

From all accounts, Dillon Day is a good kid. Everything I’ve seen and heard about him tells me he’s a fine young man. One example of this appeared in just the past couple days. Being a bye-week, our players were released for the weekend. Instead of heading straight home to Louisiana, however, Day, as well as a few other players, volunteered to remain in Starkville to visit a brave young 4-year-old Bulldog fan in the hospital with leukemia who says Dak Prescott is his hero. Let’s all pray for recovery and healing for little Hunter.

I saw a few comments on facebook that suggested that there should be some way of The Dawg Nation presenting a huge show of support for Dillon Day at the Texas A&M game, such as everyone wearing his number or a certain color. Well, we’ll all be wearing maroon I hope, so I think the color thing is out. Also, finding that many #63 jerseys is highly improbable. I DO have an idea, though!

It’s nearly October. Costume shops are open. Walmart, Walgreens, and any other store you can think of have their Halloween stuff out. These can be found.


How would it look on the SEC Nation broadcast if 60,000 Bulldawg fans turned out for the Texas A&M game wearing fake tattoo sleeves like these in support of Dillon Day? They’re easy to find and don’t cost much. I’ve even seen them in some of the little bodega gas station convenience stores around here. If one looks, there is a huge selection of different designs to chose from, too.

I found one design that I liked and a whole lot of other designs as well at so I ordered these for me.

credit: Village Street Wear from

So, let’s do it! Let’s all show our Mississippi State Family support for Dillon Day by getting and wearing some fake tattoo sleeves to the Texas A&M game on October 4! Show up early and get on SEC Nation wearing them, too! (Honestly, I’m not expecting this to go over in a huge way. We can’t even manage to do a great job whiting-out the stadium. But it doesn’t have to be everyone for folks to notice on TV!) Find you some!

Show up for the Texas A&M game, wear your maroon, bring your cowbell, and wear your sleeves to show your support for Dillon Day!

Hail State!