Clarion-Ledger Reaches a New Low with Dak Prescott Story


Jul 15, 2014; Hoover, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Dak Prescott talks to the media during the SEC Football Media Days at the Wynfrey Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not the greatest writer. Some have said I’m pretty good, some have said I’m terrible. But I don’t think I could write something this horrible if I tried. It’s one of the worst pieces of journalism writing I think I’ve ever read from a Mississippi paper. It’s here if you must…but I’ll review the garbage below.

First off, it was penned by Hugh Kellenberger. He is the Clarion-Ledger’s Ole Miss beat reporter. Yet he’s writing an article on how Dak Prescott’s “Heisman hype” is just talk based on nothing.

I thought about writing 1,000 words on how Ole Miss’ entire football program is just talk based on nothing. But this doesn’t have to do with Ole Miss. This is the Clarion-Ledger, their awful writing and the editor who allowed this trash to be published.

If one of our writers tried to publish crap like this I’d fire them, then myself.

The first thing he does is admit that MSU itself has nothing to do with Dak’s Heisman hype.

"Based largely on a handful of very complimentary comments from an ESPN analyst, an Egg Bowl comeback and a Liberty Bowl rout, Mississippi State’s Prescott went from an unknown SEC quarterback to potential “Heisman Trophy contender.” It was an aggressive promotional campaign run almost exclusively by talk radio, message boards and social media."

That paragraph nullifies the need for this article completely.  Dan Mullen is not talking about Dak winning the Heisman. Mississippi State media relations and marketing are not promoting Dak for the Heisman. Talk amongst fans is simply talk amongst fans. But Kellenburger decides to fill up his bowl of stupid..

"Being a Heisman candidate in July is not an actual thing — it’s opinion based on speculation, with the intent of creating content in what is otherwise a dead time in the college football year."

That’s interesting because your article is made with the intent of creating content in what is otherwise a dead time in the college football year. Oh wait, that’s what everyone of us who runs a blog, message board, radio show, etc. is doing. THERE ARE NO GAMES TO TALK ABOUT. So we’re going through the SEC with previews, highlighting what we might see, hope to see, etc. etc. People read and listen to it because they are just as hungry as we are – everyone wants some football!

"[Heisman voters] should be open to any college football player at this point in time."

Then, um, Hugh – why aren’t you open to Dak as a Heisman candidate? Oh wait, you aren’t a Heisman voter.

"If you’re a believer in the power of Dak, his attendance on Tuesday at SEC Media Days was another chance to bring others to your flock."

Well, Hugh, we know you’re not a believer in Dak. Thanks for your take.*

"Teammates and peers talked glowingly about Prescott, describing him as a jokester and selfless leader.Again, this is a dog-and-pony show. A well-attended, nationally televised one, but media days are still just chances to look good in a suit. At no point was Prescott asked to throw a football or go through a progression against a cover-two scheme."

Oh, I see. So since Dak wasn’t able to show off his skills at Media Days to prove his has “Heisman talent”, all the talk is unmerited and undeserved?

"What will eventually determine if Prescott is a contender for any type of individual hardware is how many games Mississippi State wins and how Prescott performs this season."

Thank you, sir, for explaining this. I was so confused before.

"During the Egg Bowl comeback, he nearly threw an interception with six minutes remaining and made a couple of poor decisions and throws on run/pass read-options."

This one may be my favorite. “he nearly threw an interception” and “made a couple of poor decisions”. Oh, but by the way, he came off the bench cold, with nerve damage in his arm that caused him to miss two full games, and BEAT the team you cover nearly single-handedly.

"it generally takes around 4,000 total yards and 40 touchdowns to become a Heisman Trophy finalists these days. That, if Prescott is to have a shot, is what he’s shooting for. That’s a huge leap from his 2013 numbers (2,769 yards and 25 touchdowns)"

Yeah – he missed at least 12 quarters due to injury and split time with Tyler Russell for about four games just because Dan Mullen was being loyal to Russell. So he might have played enough quarters to equal seven games.