Mississippi State basketball continues to be disrespected in AP Top 25

The Mississippi State basketball team didn’t move up in the AP Top 25 despite two teams in front of them having two losses each.

The Mississippi State Basketball Women’s team is having another historic season. The Bulldogs are 21-1 overall and 9-0 in SEC play with their lone loss coming to the Oregon Ducks back in the month of December.

Despite this, the Mississippi State basketball team continues to not garner similar respect to what the team had in the previous season. After the release of the most recent AP Top 25, the Bulldogs are still ranked 6th. There are two reasons this is completely unwarranted.

The first reason is quite obvious. The Mississippi State basketball team currently only has one loss. Two teams in front of them each have two losses. This alone should move the Bulldogs up at least two spots in the ranking.

The other reason this is unwarranted is because one of the teams in front of them lost this week. AP voters almost always move a team down behind other teams with less losses. They have not done this for the Mississippi State basketball team.

If you’re looking for an explanation as to why this is happening, it is rather simple. The Mississippi State basketball team, despite the tremendous strides the program has made, does not receive the same benefit of the doubt as the two teams in front of the Bulldogs with two losses.

One of the teams in front of them is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame is the reigning National Champ, and have long been one of the best programs in Women’s Basketball. Despite their two losses, voters are more forgiving of the Irish.

The other is arguably the best or second best Women’s basketball program in the history of college basketball. The UConn Huskies will always be regarded in higher esteem than the Bulldogs until the Mississippi State basketball program adds a few national championships to its trophy case.

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The good news is the AP Top 25 is virtually useless in basketball. The Bulldogs will still have an excellent chance at being a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament if they can keep winning like they have been,