MSU Pro Day: Draft Predictions for Each Player

Feb 27, 2016; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Mississippi State wide receiver De
Feb 27, 2016; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Mississippi State wide receiver De /

Today is MSU’s pro day where NFL scouts will descend upon Starkville, Mississippi to view the eligible prospects the program has to offer. 

Mississippi State will lose 12 scholarship seniors off the 2015 football team. One, Zach Jackson, quit the team prior to the end of the season. In addition to those seniors, three juniors have declared early for the NFL Draft, thereby exhausting their college eligibility. Here are those players who will be at MSU’s pro day:

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  1. Darrion Hutcherson
  2. Damien Robinson
  3. Rufus Warren
  4. Justin Malone
  5. Ryan Brown
  6. Devon Bell
  7. Kendrick Market
  8. Joe Morrow
  9. Taveze Calhoun
  10. Dak Prescott
  11. Will Redmond
  12. Chris Jones
  13. De’Runnya Wilson
  14. Beniquez Brown

There are also a handful of Bulldogs like Jameon Lewis, Curtis Virges, Nick Griffin and others who are coming back for another shot at pro football.

Brown, Wilson, Jones, Redmond, Prescott and Calhoun were all invited to the NFL combine because they are considered to be worthy of consideration for a draft pick. But that doesn’t mean the other eight Bulldogs on the above list don’t have a shot at a NFL career. As we know, Kyle Love was undrafted in 2010 and played in Superbowl 50 with the Carolina Panthers, and Dillon Day was undrafted in 2015 and will receive a Superbowl ring as a member of the Denver Broncos practice squad.

Players like Hutcherson, Warren, Malone and Brown in particular have a great shot to pick up a free agent contract after the draft. Typically, most starting MSU offensive lineman are able to at least get that; and Hutcherson will get a look just on size alone. Brown was a good player at DE. Market could get a look too if he’s recovered well from his injuries.

Now on to where each Bulldog will get drafted. Let’s give it a shot:

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  • Dak Prescott: 2nd round – honestly, I initially thought he would get pigeon-holed and drop to the 4th or 5th round but all the scouts and analysts seem to be raving over him right now. He had the biggest hands of any quarterback at the combine and of course his maturity and mental game are impressive. I could definitely see a team who maybe has an aging QB or has just signed a journeyman QB to be their starter taking Dak in the 2nd round. He will need to adjust to the NFL game but he has the athleticism and IQ to do it, perhaps ready to go by year two in the league with some decent playing time as a rookie.
  • Chris Jones: 2nd round – if it weren’t for an influx of defensive line talent in this year’s draft he’d be higher. Unfortunately, Chris did not put up great stats or show a propensity to go all out on every play while at MSU. He has all the measurables and the skills to get it done, the question is just how bad he wants it. He’s too good to pass on in the 2nd round, but maybe not a sure-fire thing for a 1st round pick.
  • Will Redmond: 3rd round – the torn ACL will hurt Redmond because he wasn’t able to get more time on the field. All in all, his career was basically two years, and he didn’t actually start until his senior year which was cut short. The talent is there, however, and pro scouts will place him high in their CB rankings….so he goes in the 3rd round.
  • Beniquez Brown: 5th round – some folks were scratching their head with Brown’s decision to go pro. I think a lot of it had to do with him feeling like he was ready mentally and he wasn’t going to improve his speed or any God-given abilities so he might as well go after being at MSU for four years (redshirted 2012). He was known as the brains of the Bulldog defense, and that will help him. Out of every MSU player that gets drafted, I think Brown is the best bet for a productive NFL career – be it as a starter or back-up LB.
  • De’Runnya Wilson: 5th round – Bear had a really bad day at the combine. He was slow and didn’t jump high – two bad signs for a WR. But I think he’s faster than 4.85 in the 40 and he’ll prove that today with at least a 4.7. No matter what he runs, he’s a possession receiver in the NFL, which isn’t going to command a first or second round pick. He could possibly work his way into being a starter but most likely he’ll be a backup unless he continues to get even stronger and is just a force to be reckoned with.
  • Taveze Calhoun: 7th round – Taveze has been underrated his entire career at MSU and I may be selling him short here, but to just get drafted is quite an accomplishment an no guarantee. He’s always been a player in the mold of Johnthan Banks and he’s got the size and skills to play in the NFL.

The NFL Draft will be April 28-30.