Mississippi State Baseball: 10:30 AM Sunday Morning Start Time is Ridiculous


Mississippi State has announced that it’s Sunday game with Oregon has been moved up to 10:30 AM….30 minutes from the original 11:00 AM start time. 

I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

I get why this is being done – because Oregon has to board a flight back to Eugene and comply with NCAA regulations about when that can be done at the end of a series. And most likely due to last Sunday’s game ending in a tie vs. Oklahoma, might as well move first pitch up 30 minutes to try and avoid lightning striking twice.

But the game Sunday should’ve never been scheduled for Sunday. There should’ve been a double-header on Saturday. I’ll give you a couple of reasons why:

1. You shouldn’t miss church to go to a baseball game or vise versa. Sunday afternoon games are a nice way to relax while watching baseball. I go to church, then baseball. I don’t want to choose or even be tempted to choose. This is Mississippi – and Sunday mornings are reserved for church. If you’re not going to church, you just sit and home and cook breakfast, not go to a baseball game while everyone else is at church.

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2. Double-headers are fun. What happened to them? Sure, we get a couple of double-headers in the blistering February cold, but we used to have them for every SEC weekend. It’s beside the point that I’m in favor or bringing those back, but at least for the non-conference schedule we have complete control over let’s play two!

If you’re in the Left Field Lounge cooking a pork shoulder you need more than a three hour game to get it tasting just right. But if you have two three hour games plus 30 minutes in between and get there an hour early you could be eating delicious B-B-Q by the end of the second game.

If you live out of town, chances are the most likely game you’re going to see in a given baseball weekend is the Saturday one. Then you’ll go back home. If there were two games you would most likely stay for both and secondly, you’d probably make it to more baseball weekends knowing you’ll get more bang for your buck.

I’m not a fan of this 10:30 AM start on Sunday. I guess this is what west coast NFL fans feel like. It’ll be the 3rd inning when I get out of church.