Handling the Alabama Loss and Prepping for Arkansas


The Bully Bark Line is an hour long radio show hosted by co-editor of MaroonAndWhiteNation.com Justin Strawn. Each week, he interviews various personalities from the media and school to give you perspective on the state of Athletics at Mississippi State.

This week’s episode of the Bully Bark Line was a jam packed episode. There were a lot of things to discuss, and I covered them all on the show.

First up is the obvious. Mississippi State lost their game to Alabama this weekend 31-6. It was a tough loss to swallow, and Mississippi State got nothing from its offensive line all game long.

And as bad as the loss to Alabama was, the reaction by some of the fans might have been worse. There were lots of fans calling for the jobs of some of the coaches, and many people are now convinced we have no chance of winning the last two games.

In the second half of the show, I welcomed Chad Neipling as my guest. Chad has worked for numerous media outlets covering the Arkansas Razorbacks and the SEC. Among those he has worked for or is still currently working for is the Vsporto Network, FanSided, and Fox Sports Arkansas. He’s as familiar with Arkansas athletics as anyone you will find. You can follow him on Twitter @SEC_Chad.

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I asked Chad a lot of things about the Razorbacks and the upcoming game between Mississippi State and Arkansas. He told us his thoughts on why this team is playing at such a different level right now than what they were playing at during the beginning of the season.

Chad also told us a lot about the development of Brandon Allen and how that development of Allen has helped the Arkansas Razorbacks develop as a program. Neipling also told us his thoughts on the overall career of Dak Prescott.

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I ended the show with my Pet Peeve of the Week. It involves people and their inability to properly park their vehicle. It’s a great show, and you can CLICK HERE to listen.