What to make of Mississippi State baseball's bizarre series against Georgia Southern?

Things weren't perfect for Chris Lemonis and the Mississippi State baseball team, but we can learn a few things from the Bulldogs' series win against Georgia Southern.

College World Series - Vanderbilt v Virginia - Game One
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No. 1: There's a chance the Bulldogs might actually have some strong starting pitching

It's still super early and Mississippi State baseball fans shouldn't freak out just yet, but there's a decent chance the Mississippi State Bulldogs might actually have a decent starting rotation that's starting to shape up.

Pitching has been a difficult subject in recent seasons. Scott Foxhall left Starkville because the Bulldogs were struggling on the mound. And again, it's still early, but things look pretty manageable (for the most part) with regards to the weekend starting rotation.

Yes, the Georgia Southern Eagles found a way to get contact against Khal Stephen in game two. That's a problem that will need to be addressed. But, for the most part, this weekend's starting pitching was really strong.

Nate Dohm and Jurrangelo Cijntje combined for 11.2 innings while allowing just two earned runs and striking out 17.

That's solid.

Yes, I'm aware of the competition they were facing, but they did exactly what they were supposed to in those outings. Dominate the competition. Give Mississippi State a chance to win by a sizable margin.

That's exactly what happened.

If Khal Stephen can return to the form he showed against Air Force, then the Bulldogs won't need to regularly worry about what the starting rotation looks like. But that remains to be seen.