Analyzing the annihilation: Lessons from Mississippi State softball's Bulldog Invitational showing

Samantha Ricketts and the Mississippi State softball sure seemed to have fun steamrolling right through the competition during the 2024 Bulldog Invitational. What can we learn from that sort of dominant showing?

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What can we learn after Mississippi State softball bulldozed through the Bulldog Invitational? 

Well, it’s probably safe to say that the Mississippi State softball team had one heck of a fun weekend. I mean, come on, a perfect 6-0 record all while outscoring opponents to the tune of 65-7. That’s an impressive amount of domination. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that Samantha Ricketts and her Mississippi State Bulldogs enjoyed the weekend, even if they were busy playing SIX games in just FOUR days. 

They were pretty busy. Let’s take a gander at just what happened over the weekend, shall we?

3 crucial lessons learned in Mississippi State softball’s dominant showing in the Bulldog Invitational

First and foremost, let’s get a quick rundown of what happened. And then we’ll start going over lessons. 

The Mississippi State softball team was clearly and decisively better than all of the foes they faced throughout this past weekend, as demonstrated in their 6-0 record during the Bulldog Invitational. 

Miss. State opened the invitational with a 9-0 run-rule victory over the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. Josey Marron pitching a complete game helped with that one. That was Thursday evening. Friday evening, MSU followed that up with another run-rule win as they beat the Troy Trojans 12-2.

Now, on to Saturday, which featured the first of two doubleheaders for Samantha Ricketts and her MSU Bulldogs. 

In game one, Mississippi State easily continued on its winning ways as they cleared the Alcorn State Lady Braves, winning 13-2. Game two was a bit tougher and a nailbiter into the 6th inning, but Mississippi State was able to pull away and beat Troy 5-2. 

On Sunday, Mississippi State managed to close out the Bulldog Invitational with two more run-rule triumphs. The Bulldogs beat Alcorn State once more, this time by a score of 15-0. In the second game of the afternoon and the final game of the weekend for Miss. State, the Bulldogs handed Samford an 11-1 defeat.

So, a quick rundown:

  • Game 1 - Mississippi State 9 - Southern Miss 0
  • Game 2 - Mississippi State 12 - Troy 2
  • Game 3 - Mississippi State 13 - Alcorn State 2
  • Game 4 - Mississippi State 5 - Troy 2
  • Game 5 - Mississippi State 15 - Alcorn State 0
  • Game 6 - Mississippi State 11 - Samford 1

Pretty good. Now, what can we learn from all of that?

Let’s dive in and explore that a bit.