Mississippi State baseball fans need to stop celebrating like Ole Miss

Okay look, I get being excited about home runs and such, but throwing beer isn’t our thing. We’re Mississippi State baseball fans, not Ole Miss baseball fans. Let them have their thing.

Last night, the 128th season of Mississippi State baseball officially began. The Mississippi State Bulldogs are undefeated at home in the New Dudy Noble Field thanks to a thrilling eighth inning during which MSU scored 11 runs. But during that eighth inning, there were some things that happened that didn’t quite feel like Mississippi State baseball.

That would be the beer showers.

During the eighth inning of last night’s game against Youngstown State, MSU fans out in the Left Field Lounge took to throwing their drinks up in the air. It’s something that certainly grabs people’s attention and makes home run celebrations more interesting.

But beer showers aren’t a Mississippi State baseball thing. In fact, beer showers are very much an Ole Miss baseball thing:

They’re something that Ole Miss baseball fans are certainly known for:

And they’re something that Mississippi State baseball fans have used as a joke for years:

MSU fans have even used it as part of jokes about how Ole Miss has a difficult time making it to the College World Series:

And now Mississippi State baseball fans are copying this? From the looks of the video, it appears that most of the fans throwing the beer are current students (or people that look young enough to be current students, I guess).

But that still looks like a very large group of people copying the Ole Miss tradition:

As the Mississippi State baseball team goes to claim the series today, my simple request is that you please don’t take someone else’s tradition.

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This should especially be emphasized when it comes to a tradition from Ole Miss. The beer showers are something that MSU fans have mocked, derided, and looked down upon for a long time. Don’t start copying them now.