Mississippi State Bulldogs: 50 Greatest Athletes in School History

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Oct 24, 2015; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs live mascot bully sits on the sideline during the game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Wade Stadium. Mississippi State won 42-16. Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

#38 Darryl “Super D” Wilson, Basketball Guard (1994-1996)

I know Darryl Wilson missed open 3 point shots, because the stats tell me that it happened, but when you watched him play, it sure didn’t seem like he ever did. Super D probably isn’t at the top of most Mississippi State’s fans list of favorite players, but he is mine. Wilson was the definition of a one dimensional player. He barely stood 6 feet tall, and he was a spot up shooter. He rarely drove to the basket to get points that way. So why is he my favorite player to ever play for the Bulldogs? Because he could light up a scoreboard. He was the team’s leading scorer in 1994, 1995, and 1996. If Wilson caught fire during a game from three point range, the opposing team was toast. The presence of Erick Dampier down low, the deadly range of Darryl Wilson from the outside, and the play making ability of Dontae Jones on the wing made the 1995-96 Mississippi State squad one of the most potent teams to ever wear the Maroon and White. And Super D was the leader of the pack.

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