Top 30 Games in Mississippi State Basketball History

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#10: 1961 – Mississippi State 62 vs. Tulane 57

A road win over an average Tulane team in 1961 doesn’t mean that much on the outside, but what it did mean at the time was a SEC championship.

Since MSU was unable to play in the NCAA Tournament at the time, a SEC title was the only goal they could shoot for. After winning it in 1959 with a sparkling 24-1 record, Babe McCarthy’s bunch fell off to 12-13 (5-9) during the 1960 season. But they rebounded (bad pun) nicely by grabbing the league title once again in ’61.

Oddly enough, MSU was never ranked by the AP poll in 1961 despite a 19-6 overall record…and of course the SEC title.

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