Outpouring of Support for Assaulted Bulldog Players


With the events of last night’s revelation that Dak Prescott, Damian Williams, and Torrey Dale were assaulted while at a concert during Spring Break and the video footage of the incident, outrage among Bulldog fans, players, and former players started to pour in. Many were angry. Many were outrages. And many just wanted to show their support for the three victims of the attacks in Panama City. Here is some of what the Bulldog family were tweeting after the attacks.

And there were others in the sports world, be it players or media members who were expressing their disgust and support for Prescott, Williams, and Dale in social media.

Even Trae Elston, the defensive back many Mississippi State fans grew to loathe after the Egg Bowl expressed his sympathy.

These are just a sampling of some of the positive things people were posting on Twitter to Prescott, Williams, and Dale. There was far more than I could ever post in a single blog entry.

And yes, there were some people who thought it was a good time to make a joke or take pot shots at Mississippi State and Dak Prescott. We wanted to save this space for some of the positive things people were trying to use social media. If you want to send encouraging words to any of the players, all three are on Twitter. Here are their accounts: @15_DakP is Dak Prescott’s account, @DamianDevon is the account for Damian Williams, and Torrey Dale’s account is @Torrey_Dale90. The most important thing in light of all this is all three players have stated they are fine, and they were all headed back to Starkville last night.