POLL: Best Burger in Starkville


There are few things in life more satisfying than a great burger. Luckily Starkville has no shortage of them.

Today’s poll is about who has the best: Christy’s, Mugshots or Bin 612?

Before we hit the poll, I have a story about all three…

Back in 2006 I was a student at MSU, and one weekend I went to a wedding in Birmingham. Not surprisingly, I was nailed for speeding in Reform, Alabama on my way back. I had a part-time job that paid me a whopping $5.15 an hour at the time, but I still only averaged $20 in my checking account at any given time….so I decided to take on a second job at Christy Burger – skipping spring break and all – in part to pay for the $160 speeding ticket but also because I needed to start saving for a diamond ring for my now wife, since I only had $1.64 to my name. So after a week of working at Christy’s and coming home smelling like grease from a 2.5 hour shift, I had mastered their system pretty well. Then the manager tells me he doesn’t need me anymore – they have too many employees. Laid off from Christy Burger. Ouch. But luckily they handed me $75 in cash for my time and I was on my way, almost half way to paying off my ticket.

I was in college when Mugshots came to town in 2004. It was very exciting. Although for college students it was exciting because of the bar aspect – and it became one of the places to go.  As I recall, it may have been open for about a month when MSU upset Florida, and my friends and I were enjoying the victory at Mugshots. A Florida fan was there, on the balcony, three sheets to the wind and really upset about the loss. He starts getting in the face of a couple frat guys – which leads to him getting pushed pretty hard against the railing. That railing is about 42″ tall and his torso was flying off the rail and his hands in the air without much of a thought to catch himself since he was so intoxicated. Luckily a couple of guys caught him before he plummeted to the street below, and he was escorted out. Fortunately that incident didn’t take a turn for the worse or he would be dead and we might not have Mugshots burgers in Starkville.

One time, back in the mid-2000s again, I was munching on a burger at Bin 612. I’m talking to a guy who tells me about this really cool thing called “text Google”. This was back before smart phones so you had to find a TV or computer if you wanted to know a sports score or some other useless info you grab your smart phone now to find. All you did was spell “Google” in a text and they’d text you back the info. It was incredible. I thought I’d be using this technology forever. Then about four years later I got an iPhone and forgot all about it.