Get Ready for a Great Week of Football!


Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive linesman Chad Lindsay (78) prepares to snap the ball at the line of scrimmage against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

In college football, they save the best for last. Rivalry week is bittersweet because it’s the best, but also the end of the regular season…still it’s my favorite. This year MSU is right in the thick of the SEC and national race which makes it a lot more interesting and entertaining. This week is filled with great games – and it’s a holiday week so you can sit back and enjoy the action.

Thanksgiving Night

TCU at Texas – We want as little competition for that #4 spot as possible, so it’s all about rooting for TCU to lose this game. Texas is rebuilding, but they are 6-5 and have won three in a row…plus the game is in Austin.

LSU at Texas A&M – This game doesn’t really have a bearing on anything, but it’s a SEC game between two good teams. LSU has beat A&M both years they’ve been in the SEC.


Arkansas at Missouri – If Mizzou wins they win the East. If they lose Georgia wins the East. One one hand you’d like Arkansas to win because it bolsters MSU’s résumé, but on the other hand I think we’d all rather play Missouri in the SEC championship game. I have a feeling the Georgia Dome would be 75% full with State fans, and the Tigers don’t look as good as UGA.


South Carolina at Clemson (11:00) – This game basically has no meaning other than a rivalry. USC has won five straight.

Georgia Tech at Georgia (11:00) – If Mizzou loses on Saturday, they’ll need to win this one to keep their slim playoff chances alive.

Kentucky at Louisville (11:00) – The Wildcats still need that elusive 6th win for bowl-eligibility. Louisville is 8-3.

More from Mississippi State Football

Michigan at Ohio State (11:00) – Normally I couldn’t care less but this year go Wolverines!

Florida at Florida State (2:30) – Here is where things start to get really interesting. Can the Gators knock off the Noles? They’ve been playing with fire all year – probably because they aren’t an elite team, so can bottom half SEC team ruin their season? It would make Florida’s year, and really send Muschamp off in style.

Mississippi State at Ole Miss (2:30) – You know all about the Egg Bowl. It’s bigger than it’s been in a long long time. Ole Miss eliminated themselves vs. Arkansas but MSU still has a chance to win the West if they can get the Egg and Auburn wins the Iron Bowl.

Baylor at Texas Tech (2:30) – Most likely the Bears win this one, but just another game to keep your eye on as Baylor is in the thick of the playoff race as well.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt (3:00) – Can UT get bowl-eligible for the first time since 2010? Final game.

Auburn at Alabama (6:45) – By the time this game starts we’ll know the outcome of the Egg Bowl, and if the good guys win it’ll be time to be yelling War Eagle.

Oregon at Oregon State (7:00) – The Civil War – maybe Oregon State can pull it off? They beat Arizona State two weeks ago.