Mississippi State Football Gameday Forecast: Best in the Land Edition


Well now that we have had a bye week to soak in the fact that we are the #1 team in the land, let’s get right back to business. Our Bulldogs are headed up to Lexington, KY for a matchup against a very dangerous Kentucky Wildcats squad. SEC Nation is in town for the game, and we need to show up strong for our boys. Speaking of SEC Nation, Joe Tessitore and Paul Finebaum said that Starkville will be a hard act to ever beat. Finebaum even said that beating Starkville may take a lifetime. Now back to what you came here for. I decided I’ll include the SEC Nation broadcast in my forecast, since I’m sure it’ll be fun to sit among the Wildcat fans as they enjoy the last moments before they all say, “Let’s get ready for shooty-hoops.” Yes…I just insulted Kentucky fans on here, can’t help it at times.

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Everyone should know the drill, but just in case you’re new to the system I have here, I’ll lay it out for you. I’ll do a forecast for the start and end of SEC Nation (10:00 AM and 12:00 PM EDT respectively), Dawg Walk (1:30 PM EDT), Kickoff (3:30 PM EDT), Halftime (5:00 PM EDT), and End of Regulation (7:00 PM EDT). Of course, for those of you reading in the Central Timezone just back up the times one hour and you’ll have CDT. Now I’ll save you all of my Meteorologist babble, and get right to the numbers that you want to know. Just a few suggestions, pack sunscreen and a jacket. Yes, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t be sunburned.

Now Commonwealth Stadium is strange in its field orientation. The field itself points from the WNW to the ESE. This means it’s quite a bit different than Davis Wade Stadium because of its unique orientation. This means that different winds will affect play on the field. Now let’s get right to it, shall we?

Numbers you want to know

SEC Nation LIVE from Lexington, KY (10:00 AM EDT): 53 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 5-10 mph

End of SEC Nation broadcast (12:00 PM EDT): 61 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 5-10 mph

Dawg Walk (1:30 PM EDT): 65 °F, mostly sunny, winds from the WSW at 5-10 mph

*cough* Verne and Gary Confuse MSU and OM *cough* Kickoff (3:30 PM EDT): 67 °F, mostly sunny, winds from the W at 5-10 mph

Kentucky Fans Starts Smack-Talk about Basketball….Halftime (5:00 PM EDT): 68 °F, mostly sunny, winds from the W at 5-10 mph

Wrapping it in Maroon and White from Lexington, KY (7:00 PM EDT): 64 °F, mostly clear, winds from the W at 5-10 mph

Driving back to Starkville still #1 and undefeated (8:30 PM EDT): 63 °F, mostly clear, winds from the W at 5-10 mph

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