How Long Will it Take to Raise the Money for a New Baseball Stadium?


We’ve all seen the incredible project renderings for the new Dudy Noble Field. Everyone agrees it will be the best college baseball stadium in the country. Now, how do we pay for it? And how long will it take before we can begin construction of the $40 million project?

When I first saw the $40 million figure I assumed we’d take a chunk of money from the SEC Network and pour it into the baseball facilities. That is not the case, however, as the first $20 million will be funded by the Bulldog Club and the remainder will be generated through premium seating and ticket sales.

The $20 million in private donations must be obtained before construction can start.

"The timetable for the project is based on the Bulldog Club reaching its $20 million private fundraising goal. Fundraising efforts are currently underway and fans can contribute now to the stadium project at or by calling 662-325-3074."

$20 million is a lot of money. How long will it take to raise that much? Only $7 million (10%) of the Davis Wade expansion required private donations. Baseball’s new stadium will require 50% from private funds.

While baseball is more popular at Mississippi State than arguably anywhere in the country, with only three or four schools making a legitimate case, there is still not a large following when compared to football or even basketball. I’ve been blogging about MSU athletics for four years – the only time in which baseball pushed the meter is when we were in the College World Series. All the excitement at the beginning of 2014? That was excitement to the hardcore fans – those of you probably who are reading this. Most of the fanbase says “wake me up in June”. So $20 million is a lot to raise.

Here are the best totals I could find for private donations over the last few years:

  • 2009: $2.4 million
  • 2010: $4.6 million
  • 2011: $6.7 million
  • 2012: $7 million

Good and bad news – that was not towards a specific project but to the general fund, but there again it was to all sports and not baseball.

Are there enough high dollar baseball fans to reach $20 million reasonably fast? I have no doubts it will get built – but will it be two years or five years?

Every little bit helps, but the key will be big money donors. Naturally you have to look at MSU baseball alums like Jonathan Papelbon, Paul Maholm or perhaps Mitch Moreland. Then former greats like Will Clark, Rafael Palmeiro and Jeff Brantley.

In 2011, Mississippi State reported $37.6 million private donations given over the fiscal year. Most of that money was given directly to the Leo Seal, Jr. football complex – $12 million alone given by the Seal family.

We can get there, but it will happen a lot sooner with the big donors. Undoubtedly Scott Stricklin has already discussed this with the big boys, and they have a plan to accomplish the $20 million goal. I hope so, because mine and your $100 donations can only go so far.