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Wow, that is amazing! It will cost $40 million.



"The Dudy Noble Field Master Plan calls for a new double-tiered grandstand with chairback seating, an elevated concourse that encircles the playing field and allows a constant view of the game action, welcoming entry plazas, spacious restrooms, concessions, a kids’ play area, berm seating, upgraded field lighting, HD video board, digital ribbon signage, team areas (clubhouse, training room, equipment room, coaches’ offices, etc.) and dramatically improved aesthetics."

John Cohen:

"“This is a monumental day for our baseball program, and something every Bulldog player and fan deserves, As a former player and now coach, I know the greatest fans in college baseball will take action to ensure our players and coaching staff have the necessary amenities and resources to recruit and compete at the highest level.”"

Left Field Lounge:

"The Dudy Noble Field Master Plan will still showcase the unique and timeless features of the previous ballpark, including the Left Field Lounge. The outfield ‘spots’ will be built permanently into place. Each of the 86 spots will be customized to retain the traditional look of the Left Field Lounge but with access to added amenities such as electricity, storage and a common concourse connecting the entire outfield facility to the rest of the stadium. New restroom and concession areas will also be located in the renovated outfield area."

Big crowds:

"Capacity is planned to allow MSU to continue to host the largest crowds in college baseball. The new grandstand will hold more fans than the current grandstand, berm seating down each line will allow for greater general admission seating and the outfield should accommodate the same number of fans, if not more. Additionally, there will be excellent standing room views of the field surrounding the concourse that the current facility does not provide."

This looks like it will be the BEST stadium in college baseball! WOW!