3rd Annual ‘Best Sports Years in the SEC’

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For the last two years I’ve done this list. Here is 2012 and here is 2013. It’s a list based on the big three sports – who had the best year in the SEC.

This was an interesting year because 10 SEC teams made it to bowl games. None of those same 10 schools went to the NCAA Tournament. In fact, only the four that didn’t (UK, UF, UT and ARK) were even considered for it….Arkansas being left to the NIT (but maybe they should have gone considering the other three all made the Sweet 16). Then a record 10 teams made it to baseball Regionals….UPig being one of them so there were no schools who completely whiffed on the postseason. This conference is so good that it’s hard to find anyone who had bad years – seemingly everyone did something good.

The criteria I base it on will be the same used for the last two seasons:

(1) football is more important than basketball – which is more important than baseball. (2) which sport means more to be successful in to that particular school. (3) the history of success in a particular sport for that particular school. And (4) the level of excitement generated by the season they had.

Slideshow? Why not…..