Top 10 Moments in Scott Field History; #8: Eric Moulds’ Catch vs. Tenn


In 1986, Scott Field was expanded with the addition of an upper deck on the West side. Seating capacity went from 32,000 to 40,656. We’ve already done our list of top 10 moments in the “Davis Wade” era, so this list will consist of games played at Scott Field from 1986-2000. 

Peyton Manning’s first career game was spoiled by a late comeback in 1994. Eric Moulds made a couple of catches on the closing drive, but the biggest was on 4th & 12 from the 30 yard line when he makes a great grab for a 22 yard gain with under two minutes to play (it comes at 1:32 in the video below).

The offense would go to 4th down again at the goal line but converted for the winning score with under a minute left. MSU won the game over #23 Tennessee, 24-21.