Mississippi State Baseball Forecast: Barn Burner Edition


So….who’s down for a road trip? Everyone? Alright then, let’s head on down to Auburn, AL for this weekend’s series between the Mississippi State baseball team and the Auburn University Tigers. The game times for the games this weekend are Friday at 6:00 PM CDT, Saturday at 6:00 PM CDT, and Sunday at 1:00 PM CDT. So we will use the GFS for today’s forecast from College of DuPage’s website. Let’s go on through the forecast, shall we?

250 mb

So starting off here in the upper-levels, it seems that we will be well away from anything resembling a jet streak. In fact, we don’t really have anything resembling something upper-air wise until next Friday. But enough about that, like I said the upper level winds are nothing impressive and we shouldn’t have any problems from here.

500 mb

Looking at the vorticity values, it does seem that we have a small bit of DPVA that could affect the Auburn, AL area for the Friday game. The good thing, however, is that we shouldn’t have any problems with rainfall during the game. Just maybe some cloud cover for our Friday match-up. For the other two games, the DPVA is well out of the way and we shouldn’t have any troubles from those pesky vorticity maximums. Expect clear skies for Saturday and Sunday’s games.

700 mb

Just for old time’s sake, let’s look at UVVs here at 700 mb. What do you know, absolutely dead. I mean we might have a small shading change here or there, but nothing nearly impressive enough for me to really bother myself with. So this is very good news because the uplift will be weak if not non-existent if this ends up verifying. I wouldn’t be surprised for this to verify simply because of the lack of support in the upper levels.

850 mb

Looking at the 850 temperatures and searching for some temperature advection, it seems that we might actually get some warm-air advection moving in from the middle part of the nation. This means that the surface temperatures should follow slowly. Good news considering Wednesday’s game was pretty darn cold, if I may say so myself. So that’s some really good news.

Numbers you want to know


First pitch (6:00 PM CDT): 66 degrees, increasing clouds, winds NW under 5 mph.

Last out (9:00 PM CDT): 61 degrees, mostly cloudy, winds light out of the NW becoming calm.


First pitch (6:00 PM CDT): 70 degrees, sunny, winds NW at 5-10 mph.

Last out (9:00 PM CDT): 64 degrees, clear, winds NW below 5 mph.


First pitch (1:00 PM CDT): 76 degrees, clear, winds WNW at 5-10 mph.

Last out (4:00 PM CDT): 79 degrees, clear, winds W at 5-10 mph.