Mississippi State Baseball Forecast: Jacksonville State (AL) Edition


So first off, if any of you have had your heads under rocks lately, we have had some really severe storms come through our area the past few days. The image above is that of the current view of right in front of Palmeiro Center. It is the MEMA tent city right now as it is where the responders will be sleeping, recovering, and regrouping after each day’s work. So for those of you who park near the Palmeiro, you may not be able to park there tomorrow night. Now, onto the game forecast between the Mississippi State Baseball Bulldogs and the Jacksonville State (AL) Gamecocks we go, which is scheduled to start at 6:30 PM CDT. So we will do our usual forecast period of three hours. We will be using the NAM for this forecast and I will once again be using the College of DuPage website that I have used before.

250 mb

At this level, we are well ahead of the trough axis in the upper levels which should keep skies fairly clear for the game. We won’t really have any upper-level forcing that should cause us to have a beautiful day as far as the upper-levels are concerned. So all in all, we shouldn’t have to worry about anything here at 250 mb.

500 mb

Vorticity values look to be slightly increasing throughout the period which could lead to some cloud cover as the game ends. The threat of rain doesn’t look too likely, however. It just seems like we will have some cloud cover during the game which will regulate temperatures a little bit. It isn’t nearly the mid-level air that we would see in a more active situation, but it’s certainly enough to notice and take notice of. We will definitely keep an eye out on this feature as we move throughout the period.

700 mb

There seems to be a little bit upward motion associated with this little line. If this does turn out to be true then my thought of us having increasing cloud cover as the game goes on. So maybe this thing won’t be as beautiful as I thought it would be at the beginning but I can live with some cloud cover without precipitation. But enough about that, let’s move on down the line to 850 mb.

850 mb

There we go, that’s a lot better. 850 mb temperatures drop fairly well before the game. Which means that forcing will be fairly nice with the lower-level cold front. Now whether or not we will get rain is pretty much already set. We won’t be getting rain so there’s no chance of any sort of delay.

Numbers you want to know

First pitch (6:30 PM CDT): 64 degrees, increasing clouds, winds WNW at 5-10 mph, chance of rain 0%.

Last out (9:30 PM CDT): 52 degrees, mostly cloudy, winds W below 5 mph, chance of rain 0%.

Sorry for not posting this earlier, I was looking at the weather and doing more weatherman stuff. If y’all want weather updates, follow me on twitter @Norwoodwx and I will update the weather before the game and I might even give my analysis of the baseball game from my own thoughts and sights. But thank you for reading this and feel free to share this to whomever you wish.