MSU Fans, Where are Y’all?


Last fall I (and many others) was very critical of the student section leaving a game at halftime which was still in doubt. That game – homecoming vs. Bowling Green ended with a lackluster atmosphere for a 21-20 narrow escape by the Bulldogs. Now I’m here to commend the students and ask the alumni and fans – where are you?

Seriously? Why is the Hump empty when we’re playing the #3 team in the country?

It’s a Thursday night, sure. Basketball isn’t at the forefront of our minds right now, sure – I’ll take some of the blame having not given as much attention on the blog as maybe we should, but c’mon.

Not only is this basketball team working their butt off and hustling for everything they get, but they have won all three home SEC games this year, and were 11-1 at home coming in. Dawg Smack wrote about it last week – this team deserves our support.

How are we supposed to attract big time recruits if we don’t support the team? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO HAVE HOME COURT ADVANTAGE WITH THE HUMP HALF EMPTY? Home court advantage in college basketball is everything. The difference between Florida at home and on the road is very significant. They are winning home games by an average of 21 points and road games by an average margin of 5 points. It doesn’t matter if we were 12 point underdogs or not – the game is played and we have a chance anytime they tip the ball and we’ve got five men on the court.

I was at the Florida game in 2004 with Davis Wade 2/3 full. We won. It was awesome. I was at the Hump in 2007 when an average MSU team nearly knocked off #1 (and one of the greatest basketball teams ever) Florida. You just never know. Basketball SID Gregg Ellis was not happy. Can’t say I am either.

Obviously I’m not at the game. I’m giving myself a pass since I’m stuck in the Atlanta ice storm. Unless everyone is trapped in north GA or AL then there’s not too much of an excuse for us not to fill the Hump, especially on a night like tonight.

P.S. Good job, students.