When will Mississippi State basketball's ridiculous road struggles come to an end?

Is it unfair to ask if Mississippi State basketball will ever win a road game? The Bulldogs continue to struggle away from home.
Mississippi State v Kentucky
Mississippi State v Kentucky / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Another road game, another loss for Chris Jans and his Mississippi State basketball team. All credit that is due to Ole Miss should be given to the Rebels here. Chris Beard has a quality team playing in Oxford right now. But Mississippi State continues to be winless on the road after the MSU Bulldogs fell short, losing 86-82 in Oxford.

When are these road struggles going to come to an end?

Freshman guard Josh Hubbard scored 21 points to lead the Bulldogs and the Mississippi State basketball team led by as many as seven points prior to halftime. Unfortunately for Mississippi State basketball fans, Ole Miss found a way to close out the first half by tying things up off of a buzzer-beater three point shot to head into halftime.

And the Rebels were able to infuriate the Bulldogs in the second half. Despite the fact that Mississippi State's offense actually looked decent, MSU fell behind to the Rebels and couldn't complete a comeback attempt.

Now MSU is 0-5 in road games. The Bulldogs are good at home, but winning away from the Hump continues to elude MSU. Will that change any time soon?

Mississippi State basketball: When will MSU get a win on the road this season?

Well, there's a road game coming up real quick. Mississippi State gets the distinct pleasure of traveling to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to meet up with an Alabama Crimson Tide team that frustrated Mississippi State basketball fans a few weeks back. And right now, Alabama sits at the top of the SEC standings.

On Feb. 10, MSU gets to go to Columbia, Missouri to play the Tigers. So far this season, Missouri is 0-8 in SEC play. So, theoretically speaking, that's a great place to test out this theory of whether or not Mississippi State is truly cursed and incapable of winning a road game.