It's encouraging that multiple Bulldogs can elevate Sam Purcell's Mississippi State basketball team

Lauren Park-Lane's stellar night proves that multiple Bulldogs can elevate the Mississippi State women's basketball team, but multiple MSU players still performed well on the road vs. Colorado State.
Oct 19, 2023; Birmingham, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Sam Purcell talks with the
Oct 19, 2023; Birmingham, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Sam Purcell talks with the / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost, Lauren Park-Lane was unstoppable against Colorado State. And I want it to be clear that absolutely nothing should be taken away from the way Lauren Park-Lane performed against Colorado State. Everything she did against the Rams was historic and elevated all sorts of standards for the Mississippi State women’s basketball program. 

She stole the show, took over the game, helped the Miss. State Bulldogs get a solid win over a good Colorado State team, and will be getting a lot of attention for how she scored well over a third of the Bulldogs’ 82-point road outburst. 

But, the Bulldogs were able to get significant contributions up and down the lineup to help fuel their 82-75 win over Colorado State. And the fact that multiple Bulldogs have the ability to just completely take over a game is a good thing.

Because MSU will need someone to step up at any given moment. Tonight it was Park-Lane. On another occasion? Well, it might be one of these other key contributors who had solid showings on the road.

Mississippi State women’s basketball: Well-rounded effort from Bulldogs helped Lauren Park-Lane thrive

Let’s take Jessika Carter, for example. Her 14 points and eight rebounds in 30 minutes of playing time are really solid, but she was also incredibly efficient in her shot selection. Carter went 6 for 10 shooting from the field.

Or take a look at how Jerkaila Jordan was able to piece together a well-rounded showing, helping the Bulldogs in several ways. She scored eight points, dished out six assists, and grabbed four rebounds. That versatility is important.

Erynn Barnum was big for the Bulldogs as she routinely battled for rebounds. In total, Barnum led MSU in grabbing 13 rebounds (four of which were offensive rebounds). She was also close to getting a double-double as she scored nine points.

This was a well-rounded showing from multiple players on the roster! First and foremost, it’s encouraging that Park-Lane was able to control this game and have a record breaking performance.

And then beyond that MSU was able to support her. 

It’s great to see that there are multiple ways for this Mississippi State women’s basketball team to win. Whether it’s Jerkaila Jordan or Lauren Park-Lane or Jessika Carter or someone else, it’s clear that several players possess the ability to get a win for the team.

And, from the outside looking in, it looks like this team is comfortable allowing various different members to thrive and take over.

That sort of balance could be pretty important once we get to SEC play.