Mississippi State softball proves mettle in crucial SEC road series against Arkansas

On the road against a ranked foe, Samantha Ricketts and the Mississippi State Bulldogs THRIVED when facing the Arkansas Razorbacks. Here's what we can learn from the impressive series victory.

2022 NCAA Division I Women's Softball Championship
2022 NCAA Division I Women's Softball Championship / Brian Bahr/GettyImages
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No. 2: Madisyn Kennedy is a driving force for this Mississippi State softball team

This isn’t necessarily new information if you’ve been keeping up with the MSU softball team over the past month and a half. Still, not everyone has, so let’s go ahead and welcome some more folks in and get them up to speed on everything. Madisyn Kennedy is a star. 

Even though they seem relatively well-rounded and pretty solid all over this roster, it’s pretty clear the Mississippi State softball team will need Madisyn Kennedy to continue to thrive if the Bulldogs are going to regularly outshine some of the tougher teams on their schedule.

That’s exactly what happened this weekend. Once again, Madisyn Kennedy demonstrated just how dangerous she can be as Mississippi State’s star showed once again that she’s a dominant hitter. She managed to hit her team-leading 12th home run in MSU’s run-rule victory and she delivered the game-winning three-run double in the series opener. That sort of clutch hitting when it matters most will help elevate the Bulldogs to new heights.

It’s definitely great to consider how she’s been able to maintain composure and perform when the Mississippi State Bulldogs are under pressure. MSU fans should be celebrating that sort of mental fortitude in the face of dealing with a challenging foe.

As the Bulldogs continue their SEC campaign, Kennedy’s offensive production will be a key factor in their success.