Mississippi State football fans react to 2024 Bulldogs' signing class

With a brand new crop of Bulldogs heading to Starkville, here's how Mississippi State football fans are reacting to Jeff Lebby's first MSU recruiting class.
Arkansas v Mississippi State
Arkansas v Mississippi State / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Jeff Lebby and the Mississippi State Bulldogs got their first signing class. The 2024 Mississippi State football recruiting class has come together and there are a number of opinions to be had on the matter.

Generally speaking, Lebby and the Bulldogs did a great job of piecing this recruiting class together. Just a phenomenal performance in such a short period of time to get a respectable group of transfers and high school kids ready to come to Starkville.

Mississippi State football fans should be proud of how this class looks right now. But how are they actually feeling?

Well, we took to the internet to find out.

Here's how Mississippi State Bulldogs fans are reacting to the 2024 Mississippi State football recruiting class

A sizable number of folks are pretty invested and interested in what this recruiting clas

I tend to agree. I was really impressed with the way Lebby and his coaching staff very quickly elevated the Bulldogs' recruiting class and also got a number of players who might be able to contribute sooner rather than later.

And then there's folks who are cautiously optimistic about the 2024 Mississippi State football recruiting class

I mean, I would if it's something that makes sense. I think this season is going to feature a lot of fun on offense. And defense is overrated, so enjoy the bizarre and fun offense.

That's probably fair, but I don't think you can actually evaluate this signing class (or this coaching staff) based solely on that small of a sample size. I think it's going to take some time to get the Mississippi State football team built to succeed in the way that Jeff Lebby wants to succeed. And that might mean some rough games and various mistakes here and there.

I think a lot of folks will need to be patient. I know patience isn't a "fun" or "exciting" thing to sell, but it'd be reckless to say that the Bulldogs will just immediately have success given how many unknowns there are with this program right now.

It might seriously just flat out take some time. So if the first three games don't go according to plan, take a deep breath. If the Bulldogs overachieve this season, then let's celebrate. But make sure you keep your expectations on a manageable level.