Mississippi State football 2024 signing class tracker: Keep up with Mississippi State Bulldogs recruiting class

Jeff Lebby's first signing class as the head coach of the Mississippi State football program is here. Here's everything you need to know about the Bulldogs' signing class.
Sep 16, 2023; Starkville, Mississippi, USA; A general overview of the stadium before the game
Sep 16, 2023; Starkville, Mississippi, USA; A general overview of the stadium before the game / Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Lebby didn't waste much time hitting the recruiting ground running after being named head coach of the Mississippi State football program. As he assembled his first coaching staff, the new head coach of the Bulldogs worked to overhaul the program's recruiting efforts and footprint.

Now, as the early signing period gets underway, Lebby's efforts on the recruiting trail seem to be paying off pretty well for the Bulldogs.

While there are a number of key athletes that Lebby was able to retain in this signing class, it's clear that he was more than able to get things rolling as he brought in a number of talented transfers that weren't even remotely expected previously.

Lebby's roots and connections to Texas are important for long term recruiting success (and his schemes and offensive pedigree will also be worth watching for recruiting purposes as well).

So far, the Bulldogs have built plenty of interesting recruiting momentum in the few brief weeks that Lebby has been in Starkville. Here's what the signing class looks like for the Mississippi State football team:

Mississippi State football recruiting: 2024 MSU Bulldogs signing class tracker

Here are the Mississippi State football players who have signed with Jeff Lebby and the Bulldogs:

  • Ethan Miner
  • Cam Ball
  • Makylan Pounders
  • Sulaiman Kpaka
  • Tre Wright
  • Kedrick Bingley-Jones
  • Michael Van Buren
  • Jimothy Lewis Jr.
  • Cyrus Reyes
  • Terrance Hibbler
  • Johnnie Daniels
  • Ashun Shepphard
  • Branden Jennings
  • Xavier Gayten
  • Mario Craver
  • Elijah Cannon
  • TJ Lockhart
  • Jatavious Johnson
  • Luke Work
  • Marlon Martinez
  • Justin Ball
  • Tyler Woodard
  • Fred Clark
  • Kelly Akharaiyi
  • Kai McClendon
  • Blake Shapen
  • Marcus Ross
  • JJ Harrell

Here's what the Mississippi State football recruiting class looks like and how the future Bulldogs are ranked, according to the folks over at 247Sports:

Now, that doesn't include what's going on in the transfer portal. And there's a good bit going on in the transfer portal right now.

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Jeff Lebby has had a TON of success in the transfer portal and it's clear that it's an essential recruiting method to reestablishing a program in a hurry. While it's not clear just yet on how sustainable this method of recruiting is, it's important that Lebby thrive in this regard right now as the Bulldogs definitely need to get back to winning sooner rather than later.

We're going to be keeping up with everything that happens recruiting wise all throughout the day. From signings to transfer portal action and so on and so forth. We'll have it here at Maroon and White Nation. Stay tuned!