Good, bad, ugly from Mississippi State baseball's disastrous series vs. Ole Miss

2021 NCAA Division I Men's Baseball Championship
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Generally speaking, for much of the past decade, Mississippi State baseball fans have really enjoyed watching the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Ole Miss Rebels face off on the diamond. For Miss. State baseball fans, this series is one that has gone well over much of the past decade. And, generally speaking, it’s been fun to watch for SEC baseball fans.

But, well, this year’s edition of the highly anticipated series between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Ole Miss Rebels wasn’t exactly fun for folks wearing Maroon and White. 

For the first two games, fans of both teams got to watch a rollercoaster of emotions. And, well, there was really only one emotion for MSU baseball fans on Sunday as, in the end, the Ole Miss Rebels emerged victorious.

The series opener saw Mississippi State baseball at its finest, with the Bulldogs cruising to an impressive 8-0 victory. State’s pitching staff looked dominant thanks to the incredible performance from Khal Stephen, who silenced the Ole Miss bats all while the Bulldogs’ offense exploded to score a burst of runs late in the game.

Unfortunately, the tide of the series turned in favor of Ole Miss baseball in the second game as the Rebels rallied to secure a thrilling 10-9 win in 12 innings. It was thrilling for them. Not for folks in Starkville. That sucked to stay up to watch.

Mississippi State baseball recap: Good, bad, ugly from series loss vs. Ole Miss Rebels

The final game of the series was incredibly lopsided as the Ole Miss Rebels left no doubt as to who was going to win this one. The Rebels won in a 14-2 rout that still hurts to think about. Chris Lemonis should be furious with this one.

And MSU baseball fans should be upset as well. The folks who came into the season wanting to fire Lemonis? This isn’t exactly going to go over well with them. 

Let’s go over what happened to get a more comprehensive understanding of just how bad this weekend series was for MSU and where the Bulldogs stand now that it’s over.