Former Mississippi State football QB Will Rogers makes decision after bizarre transfer portal experience

After Kalen DeBoer left the Washington Huskies, former Mississippi State football quarterback Will Rogers had the chance to move again. But, he's made an interesting choice.
Arizona v Mississippi State
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It appears as if former longtime Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Will Rogers has finally found his new team. His travels through the transfer portal have been a bit bizarre and he's been on the end of a couple coaching changes in just a handful of months. Rogers moved on from MSU and went out west when the Bulldogs hired Jeff Lebby.

After he left the Mississippi State football program and moved to Seattle to play for the University of Washington, Rogers had the opportunity to leave Washington after Kalen DeBoer ditched the Huskies in favor of replacing Nick Saban by taking over as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

But instead of making another move to another program elsewhere, it looks like Rogers and the Washington Huskies will continue to be united. Jedd Fisch, a coach Rogers has bested on a couple occasions, is now the head coach at Washington.

And Fisch will get the chance to coach Rogers moving forward.

Former Mississippi State football quarterback Will Rogers chooses to stick around in Seattle with the Washington Huskies

Rogers left the Mississippi State football program in search of a better fit for the remainder of his college football career and he might just have it. The former Air Raid quarterback is going to play for an innovative head coach who has proven to be a program builder. Fisch's work with the Arizona Wildcats is impressive given the financial issues that program is facing and the state of the football team that he inherited.

It'll be intriguing to see how Rogers fares in an offense that isn't the Air Raid.

This past season doesn't really count given all of the issues that surrounded the offense with the clunky transition away from Mike Leach's Air Raid. And it was evident that, for one reason or another, Lebby's veer and shoot wasn't going to be the offense that Rogers was set to play in next.

His move to play for DeBoer and Ryan Grubb was fascinating given Rogers' historic production and how the two were able to turn the oft-injured Michael Penix Jr. into one of the best quarterbacks college football has seen.

But now, Rogers will play for Fisch's Washington Huskies. It'll be intriguing to see how that all plays out.