Analyzing the annihilation: Lessons from Mississippi State softball's Bulldog Invitational showing

Samantha Ricketts and the Mississippi State softball sure seemed to have fun steamrolling right through the competition during the 2024 Bulldog Invitational. What can we learn from that sort of dominant showing?
2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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No. 2: This team has some noteworthy depth and is well-rounded

Mississippi State didn’t just win in one way over the weekend. A number of different players played a key role in helping the Bulldogs get six wins during the Bulldog Invitational. And one of the most exciting things about watching MSU was seeing how young talent emerged and thrived.

Because some stars really seemed to shine during MSU’s performances over the weekend.

Take freshman pitcher Delainey Everett for example. She made her first career start and managed to throw a complete-game shutout against the Alcorn State Lady Braves. Or, another couple of great showcases of talent and skill? Kylee Edwards and Salen Hawkins both had strong weekends.

But the success wasn’t limited just there. The Bulldogs as a whole put on a clinic in what well-rounded play from a complete team should look like. 

And that’s why they got six wins and outscored folks 65-7. It wasn’t just one or two superstars carrying the load for State. This was a true team effort that we saw consistently in each and every game. If State can consistently play like that during SEC play, Mississippi State softball fans will have a lot of fun this year.