2024 New Year's resolutions for Mississippi State football fans

As 2024 gets closer and we're able to put 2023 (and its horrible Mississippi State football season behind us), let's start making some New Year's Resolutions for MSU football fans.
Arkansas v Mississippi State
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No. 2: Continue to show up and support the Bulldogs

Look, Mississippi State football is going to look a bit different in 2024. The Bulldogs are going to have an intriguing offense (that may or may not consistently work) and they're going to have a brand new defense (that also may or may not consistently work).

But, as we addressed with being patient and also understanding that things are going to be different, something Mississippi State football fans can try to commit to in 2024 is consistently showing up to support the Bulldogs.

I get that it's expensive to go to games and I'm sympathetic to that. It bothers me how expensive it's become for the average college football fan to be able to enjoy this sport live and in person.

It's something that Zac Selmon and the Mississippi State athletics department absolutely should address going into this coming Mississippi State football season. I will not fault folks who just flat out don't have the money to spend on something like college football because of life or what have you. There are plenty of totally justifiable reasons to not make it to a college football game. There are plenty of totally justifiable economic based reasons to not make it.

But, at the same time, this team is going to be deserving of support. And so if it's feasible for you to be there and you proclaim that you want to be there, keep that in mind.

There are a number of new players who have arrived through either the transfer portal or the process of a junior college transfer who already have some degree of college football experience and are looking forward to bringing that experience to Starkville. There are also numerous freshmen who are excited to help usher Mississippi State football into a new era.

While a lot of program development is outside of the control of the average MSU fan, it's going to take fans creating an intense atmosphere to help this program continue to move forward. Players want to play in unique environments. They want to be a part of something. Fans can help create that feeling.

And should the Bulldogs struggle and fans bring up how frustrating it is and how it's just like *insert previous season or era here*, it's important to remember that this is a brand new team that is adding 30+ new players and essentially just totally overhauled the coaching staff.

I dunno, maybe treat it as such?