Mississippi State football: 5 coaches primed for a rebuild

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As the Mississippi State football program moves on from Zach Arnett, MSU AD Zac Selmon now must find a head coach who can rebuild the Bulldogs.

In less than one full season, the Zach Arnett era is over in Starkville. Zac Selmon, the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ athletics director, along with MSU’s leadership, made the decision that it was time to start over with the Mississippi State football program.

Less than stellar results and no real indication that things would get better any time soon isn’t exactly what anyone wants from their football coach. And that’s what MSU had.

Now the Mississippi State Bulldogs have a coaching search.

MSU could play it safe and make a conventional hire. The Bulldogs could try to pursue someone like Joe Judge or Dan Mullen or Manny Diaz or someone else already familiar with how things operate in Starkville.

But it’s important to remember that “conventional Mississippi State football” isn’t characterized by wins and thrilling success.

And while many will point out that Mullen is one of the greatest coaches in MSU’s history, it’s important to also remember that he hasn’t spent much time coaching in the NIL/Transfer Portal era and that’s something he’d have to get up to speed on.

Mississippi State football coaching search: 5 coaches ready for rebuilding the MSU Bulldogs

So, we can go the conventional route.

Or we can do what MSU did when it first hire Mullen and take a risk. Go unconventional. Find someone who is primed for a rebuild and a culture change for a program that definitely needs a spark and some energy.

Mississippi State doesn’t have to play it safe. The Bulldogs can find an innovative offensive mind and someone who can win on the recruiting trail. MSU can chart a new path forward and not simply rely on safe, comfortable decisions that don’t lead to thriving success.

We can think bigger than blue collar branding and trying to win in the same old way every single time.

Let’s start looking at some coaching candidates who could help Mississippi State rebuild.

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