The Wednesday Wrap: Why Mississippi State football will beat LSU

It’s another Wednesday, and that means it’s time to figure out how the Mississippi State football team will beat the LSU Tigers.

After two games, the Mississippi State football team has a perfect record of 2-0. Did the win over the Arizona Wildcats look like we wanted it to? No, but a win is a win. So after the lackluster performance, I found myself wondering how will the Bulldogs pull off the upset this weekend against LSU.

What I’ve been wondering…

It’s hard to point to anything the Mississippi State football team did particularly well against Arizona on Saturday night that would give you hope for a victory this weekend. The five turnovers were nice, and it would be great to replicate that, but it might be a big ask to have to get five turnovers every game.

So instead of trying to give you some fancy Xs and Os reason on why the Mississippi State football team will win Saturday night, I turn to the mysterious force of DESTINY!

From 1992 until 2013, the Mississippi State football team went an astounding 1-21 against LSU. The lone win in that time period came in 1999, and if we’re being honest, the Bulldogs probably shouldn’t have won that one. A controversial 4th down call to give the Bulldogs the lead probably should not have gone in Mississippi State’s favor.

The Mississippi State football team finally turned the tide against LSU in 2014. Led by Dak Prescott, the Bulldogs jumped out to a big lead and held on for dear life as the Tigers came roaring back as Mississippi State held on to win 34-29. The Bulldogs then began their march to the top of the rankings, and 2014 became a memorable year for all Mississippi State football fans.

Since 2014, here is how the games have played out.

  • 2014 Mississippi State – 34, LSU – 29
  • 2015 LSU – 21, Mississippi State – 19
  • 2016 LSU – 23, Mississippi State – 20
  • 2017 Mississippi State – 37, LSU – 7
  • 2018 LSU – 19, Mississippi State – 3
  • 2019 LSU – 36, Mississippi State – 13
  • 2020 Mississippi State – 44, LSU – 34
  • 2021 LSU – 28, Mississippi State – 25
  • 2022 LSU – 31, Mississippi State – 16

Are you noticing a pattern there? I sure am.

With the 2014 win by the Mississippi State football team, DESTINY took note. The lifetime series between the Bulldogs and Tigers has seen Mississippi State win about a third of their games and LSU win about two-thirds. So DESTINY has determined the Bulldogs will now beat LSU once every three years.

And when was the last time the Mississippi State football team beat LSU? That’s right, three years ago.

Would Mississippi State football fans prefer to beat LSU more than once every three years? Of course, but it’s better than once every 22 years like it was at one time. So if logic and reason fails you on hope for this weekend, DESTINY is there to provide you with all that you need.

What I’ve been watching…

Ryan Nelson and I had to take a hiatus on the The Main Attraction Podcast due to some health concerns with my wife (she’s better and on the road to recovery), but we came back at the end of last week with two more episodes covering shows I really enjoyed.

Up first, if you’re a Star Wars fan, we covered the third and fourth episodes of the new Disney Plus show Ahsoka. It’s been a fun show and despite what many people who watched Rebels will tell you, you don’t have to have watched that animated show to enjoy this live action show. You can listen to us talk about it right here.

Next, we went back and talked about the conclusion of a show we covered earlier in Justified: City Primeval. It was the triumphant return of Raylan Givens played brilliantly by Timothy Olyphant. It was a fun watch and you can listen to us talk about it right over here.

What I’ve been whistling to…

I have thoughts about the state of religion and Christianity in our country today, but I am not going to go into those on this blog. What I am going to go into is one of my favorite bands from the Christian music genre, and that band is Skillet.

Skillet got their start in the Memphis are back in the mid 90s, and they eventually grew into an immensely successful Christian rock band that has some crossover appeal. I like just about everything they’ve ever done, but the most listened to song they have is “Monster” and it’s a good one.

If you’ve never given them a try, I highly suggest you doing so. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

That’s all for this week’s Wednesday Wrap. Hopefully this time next week, we’ll be reveling in a victory for the Mississippi State football team over LSU and prepping for the trip to Columbia when the Bulldogs take on South Carolina.