Mississippi State Bulldogs news: MSU football season is here

Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Will Rogers (2) and Mississippi State Bulldogs wide receiver Jaden Walley (11) Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Will Rogers (2) and Mississippi State Bulldogs wide receiver Jaden Walley (11) Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

Week zero has wrapped up and college football is officially back. Soon, we’ll actually get to see the Mississippi State Bulldogs out on the field.

The offseason is done and dead and over and college football has returned. Week zero in all of its wonder and splendor was here and soon we will get to see some Mississippi State football.

That’s right!

The Mississippi State Bulldogs didn’t get to play in what has become the unofficial start to the college football season, but the 2023 Mississippi State football season is just a handful of days away.

Let’s get set. This week is the week that we wrap up any remaining offseason/preseason content and also start previewing the first MSU football game of the 2023 college football season.

Mississippi State Bulldogs news and notes from Maroon and White Nation

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  • What is Will Rogers’ legacy for Mississippi State football? by Justin Strawn – Will Rogers has absolutely dominated record books in Starkville and has been rewriting some SEC records as well. He’s done incredible things to help rebuild the Mississippi State football program right alongside Mike Leach and Zach Arnett as MSU recovered from the end of the Joe Moorhead era. So, what is Will’s legacy?
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  • Mississippi State football fans snap up 2023 season tickets by Ethan Lee – WE’VE GOT A SELL OUT OF SEASON TICKETS. That’s good news. Folks (for one reason or another) are really excited about this coming season. There are MSU fans who are looking forward to seeing Zach Arnett continue what Mike Leach built. Others are looking forward to seeing how State does with a new head coach. Some are excited that they won’t be watching the Air Raid anymore (which is a personal preference but it is the perfect offense and should be respected as such). And, well, others are just excited about football.
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Nonsense and other news from elsewhere

In other news:

Former Mississippi State quarterback Jalen Mayden just threw a PERFECT pass right into this referee’s face. Just a remarkable throw that probably should have ended up elsewhere.

What a beautiful, truly tremendous throw. I’m sure the ref in question might disagree, but this is an iconic moment for the former Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback. Put it on a highlight reel because this is art.

Also, the French have opinions about food?

I, for one, would rather eat brisket tacos or shrimp and grits as opposed to snails, but if that’s what you prefer then have at it. Crepes are pretty good. But, uh, I’ll stick with the remarkable and amazing diversity of culinary creations that are crafted here in America.

Today’s Tunes

Let’s listen to some music. We’re gonna listen to a fair bit of music today. And starting with a mellow sort of tune about wanting to thrive seems like a good way to start a Monday.

And now onto some Flatland Cavalry.

It’s not their fault that they’re Texas Tech fans (okay, so maybe it is), but they make good music and I think that’s something we can appreciate.

And let’s cap things off with a third song for today. NEEDTOBREATHE’s “West Texas Wind” is calming and soothing and introspective and a pretty solid tune.

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